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Fraudulent Jaz Multimedia laundering millions of dollars


Fraudulent Jaz Multimedia laundering millions of dollars

Smriti Sen Gupta

Infamous Jaz Multimedia, a cine-production company owned by fugitive bank-load fraud Abdul Aziz has hit the attention of media once again after making a false announcement of signing Bollywood star Sraddha Kapoor in its upcoming film titled ‘Dhongsho Pahar’ [Destroyed Hill]. The announcement was first published in the verified Facebook page of the company on August 29, 2019. Immediately after the news got published in a number of news media in Bangladesh, Shraddha Kapoor told the Mumbai correspondent of Dhaka’s largest vernacular daily Prothom Alo that she has never heard of any such film and she was not working in any Bangladeshi film. Her public relations office termed Jaz Multimedia’s announcement as “totally false”.

Meanwhile, according to credible sources, Jaz Multimedia is contacting internationally-known actors such as Mickey Rourke, Gabriel Wringht, Daniel Bernhardt and Michael Paré for possibly casting them in their upcoming film.

According to Jaz Multimedia, the budget of the film is US$ 10 million. The shooting of this movie will take place in Mauritius, Thailand, and Bangladesh.

It may be mentioned here that, owner of Jaz Multimedia, Abdul Aziz is on run for months skipping arrest. He is facing several criminal charges for cheating state-owned Janata Bank Limited and taking loans worth US$950 million. It was later learnt by the bank that Aziz had taken the loans by submitting forged documents.

Commenting on the upcoming film of Jaz Multimedia, an official at the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) told Blitz, it is easily understood that the fraudulent cine-production company is going to smuggle-out millions of dollars in hiring famous actors from Hollywood and Bollywood. It said, “How a company, which is owned by a fugitive and bank loan-fraud is openly making announcements of smuggling such huge amount of money when its owner is owing hundreds of millions of dollars to a state-owned bank? Who are behind Jaz Multimedia’s owner Abdul Aziz? Is he above the law?”

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