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Iftakharul Lanin, a magician of melodies


Iftakharul Lanin, a magician of melodies

Smriti Sen Gupta

Past few years had been a difficult time for the Bangla music industry. During this period, music labels in India’s West Bengal had mostly shut-down while companies in Bangladesh had somehow sustained facing the challenges. In Bangladesh, the crisis in the audio industry mostly was due to a number of reasons. First of all of course, it was due to piracy. This had been a great issue when the audio industry had to depend on CD, VCD and DVD. Second reason was huge misunderstanding and even certain degree of rivalry between the music labels and few of the prominent singers. These singers were hiking exorbitant charges from the audio labels for giving voice into each of the songs. Music companies had no alternative than accepting such demand. But later, some of the singers started movement demanding royalty (from the earning of the audio labels) in addition to the voice payments. They (singers) had even tried to mobilize the government in forcing the music companies in accepting this demand. As a result, all of those singers ultimately had been knocked out of the market as their popularity started quickly declining. Now most of those singers had already left Bangladesh and settled in other countries, while some of them had to retire.

Since the end of 2018, music industry in Bangladesh has started seeing the signs of prospect as most of the companies having their channels on YouTube are getting revenue on a regular basis. Such earnings would multiply once the mobile phone operators start paying the due revenue to the companies. Most importantly, some of the leading business establishments and multinational companies in Bangladesh are now almost regularly sponsoring good music videos. At the same time, some of the young and talented music directors have come forward in cooperating with the music labels not only with superb composition but they also are teaming up with the lyricists, tuners, singers and musicians and making best efforts not only in creating superb songs but also is effectively helping each of his clients with proper suggestions and even cooperation. Here we can bring the example of Iftakharul Lenin, in whom people in the music industry are already seeing a hit-maker similarly as India’s Pritam. Some of the top-most lyricists and tuners in Bangladesh are already terming Lenin as the “magician of melodies”.

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