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Kate Winslet admits of being misled by Gaza propaganda documentary

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Kate Winslet admits of being misled by Gaza propaganda documentary

Kate Winslet has clarified her involvement in a new film on the Israel-Palestinian conflict

Kate Winslet has clarified her involvement in a new film on the Israel-Palestinian conflict released this week, whose co-director is closely linked to Hamas. Writes Christine William-Douglass

Hollywood Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet, best known for her role in Titanic, says she was misled into narrating the film Eleven Days In May.

Jihad Watch ran the story about the tear-jerker film featuring Palestinian children who were killed last May during Operation Guardian of the Walls. 

British director Michael Winterbottom teamed up with Palestinian filmmaker Mohammed Sawwaf to highlight Palestinian children who died during the conflict, and the ongoing grief over their deaths. According to Jewish News UK, Sawwaf “is closely linked to Hamas.”

Sawwaf also runs a “pro-resistance” film company out of Gaza, where Hamas and Islamic Jihad financed “resistance” dramas  for Ramadan. Sawwaf complained to al-Monitor in April that “limiting drama production to the factions prevents these productions from reaching new audiences.”

His new golden opportunity enables him to help spread anti-Israel propaganda “to new audiences” as he takes the Palestinian jihad to a new level with Winterbottom and the Oscar-winning actress Winslet.

The film, of course, omitted all mention of the surrounding circumstances: Hamas launched a barrage of rocket fire at Israel, which was left no choice but to defend itself.  

In reference to the film, Winslet says “she was NOT told it was a ‘pro-resistance’ project.” 

More accurately, it’s a jihad-supporting project against the state of Israel. Whether or not she’s telling the truth is another story. If she is, more open condemnation is needed from her. If Winslet was exploited as she implies, she should continue to distance herself publicly from it. It isn’t enough to “clarify it with Jewish News.” Few who would watch the propaganda film would likely even see her clarification.

Neither Sawwaf or Winterbottom would comment about Winslet’s revelation to Jewish News. But what could they possibly say? That they would use anything possible at their disposal to play on the emotions of anyone (participant or audience member) who are woefully ignorant about the historic and ongoing Palestinian jihad? The whole film amounts to a big lie, except the grief of loss.

It is Hamas’ fault, but the blame will fall on Israel, not Hamas or its funder, Iran. Palestinians, especially children, will be further incited by this project, and indoctrinated to hate Jews while being taught antisemitic Qur’anic verses, and that martyrdom is the highest calling for Allah. They’ll continue to be groomed to murder Jews, with encouragement from the useful idiot Winterbottom and Palestinian jihad supporter Sawwaf.

“EXCLUSIVE: Kate Winslet misled over Gaza conflict documentary,” by Richard Ferrer, Jewish News, May 11, 2022: 

Kate Winslet has clarified to Jewish News her involvement in a new film on the Israel-Palestinian conflict released this week, whose co-director is closely linked to Hamas.

The Oscar-winning actress provides the voice-over for Eleven Days In May, co-directed by Michael Winterbottom and Gaza-based Mohammed Sawwaf, who accuses Israel of “colonialism” and “apartheid”.

The traumatic 90-minute film depicts the deaths of 67 Gazan children during

last May’s conflict between Israel and Hamas and shows harrowing images of dead children.

Its opening sequence features news footage reporting on “Jewish settlers trying to expel Palestinians from their homes”, “vigils aggressively broken up by Israeli security forces”, “the expulsion of (Arab) residents in East Jerusalem”, “heavy-handed tactics by Israel police” and “Israeli nationalists marching though Muslim quarters.”

Winslet is then heard reading from the script: “Israel loaded up its fighter jets and the bombardment began.”

There is mention of “seven rockets” fired from Gaza, not the total number of 4,360, dozens of which were launched prior to the 11-day conflict.

One of the teenagers depicted, Mohammad Saber Ibrahim Suleiman, was killed beside his father, a Hamas commander. At least one other victim shown in the film was among seven killed by Hamas rockets fired from Gaza that fell short.

Eleven Days In May’s co-director, Mohammed Sawwaf, runs Gaza-based production company Alef Multimedia, which specialises in “pro-resistance dramas”. Sawwaf has endorsed claims of Israeli “apartheid” and “colonial policies” on social media and retweeted a cartoon expressing “the joy of the Palestinians over the killing of the Israeli soldier”.

He calls the film “a souvenir for children victims of the Israeli aggression.” Former Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh attended a ceremony honouring the Sawwaf family, while his father Mustafa is a former editor of Hamas’ daily newspaper and has been photographed attending a Hamas rally.

Speaking to Jewish News, Winslet, who worked with Michael Winterbottom on the 1996 film Jude, said: “Michael invited me to narrate a documentary he was making with the support of Unicef and Oxfam, on the impact of war on children. In this case, the children of Palestine. “I’ve trusted Michael for over 25 years, so put my faith in him to ensure the final product befitted these admirable humanitarian organizations. The decision seemed simple…

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