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Kolkata cine actor Srabanti ends her second marriage


Kolkata cine actor Srabanti ends her second marriage

Kolkata film industry’s hot actress Shabanti Chatterjee has divorced her second husband Krishan Vraj, a supermodel. Although the couple tied the knot in 2016, it took just 8-9 months for both to start feeling distracted and Srabanti had already made her mind in October 2017 of making an end to the marriage. Although Srabanti has ended her second innings in life just in 2017, according to reports from our sources in Kolkata, she is already romancing with Jissu Sengupta and most possibly they will tie the knot by the end of this year.

Though Srabanti publicly says of fate always playing “trick” in her life, her critics say, it is Srabanti who actually is playing trick with her lovers. They further say, while she is facing odds in her personal life, Srabanti’s career in the film is almost at the end level. This is mainly because of her fitness problem. She is much fleshy in comparing to those contemporary actresses. Though Srabanti and her buddies in the media are continuing to proclaim her as the “number-one” actress in Kolkata, financial statements of her recently released films are rather extremely frustrating. Even she has worked in a number of Bangladesh-Kolkata joint venture movies, most of which were super-flop.

Seeking anonymity, a young director in Kolkata said, “People really don’t want to see a bulky woman doing the role of a heroin of any film. They want actresses like Nusrat, Mimi, Sohini and others. Even the Kolkata cine lovers have rejected Shuvasree after she started getting bulky.

There is no scope for Srabanti in getting back her lost position in the industry, as the actress who could give a hit film to her director and producer. Onwards, the best choice for her would be to take care of her son and wait for any role that would fit her. She actually needs to make her mind in accepting the roles of the supporting actors in the future.

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Saiod Iqbal Hossain is a former reporter of entertainment magazine Anondo Alo.

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