Mandrill baby born at Moscow Zoo named Congo

Residents of Moscow have chosen a name for a baby mandrill born in the capital’s zoo. On Monday, March 13, it was reported on site mayor.

More than 160 thousand people chose the name of the mandrill born in the House of Primates pavilion in the project voting ‘Active Citizen’. Congo, Logon, King and Akida variants have been proposed. You could also declare your own version of the name or leave the choice to the experts.

The largest number of users voted for the Congo option, with 26.7% (42,994) of the votes cast. The specialists decided that they would name the cub in honor of the country where the mandrills live.

The name Akida was slightly behind the winning option, being chosen by 26.5% (42,634 votes) of respondents. 20% of the participants voted for the King option. Another 11% of voters mentioned the name Logon. The remaining participants – 57.5%, preferred to leave the decision to the experts or offered their own answer.

The baby was born to a female named Yumba and male Columbus in August last year. Mandrills are the largest of all non-human apes. They have the brightest natural color among mammals. This species is listed in the International Red Book as “Vulnerable”. There are 10 females and three male mandrills in the capital’s zoo.

Voting to name this baby mandrill began in February. This is the eighth zoo inhabitant to be named in Active Citizen.

Earlier in the project, names were chosen for the vicuña Luchik, the bear Khatanga, the bear cub Tompa, the yak Zvezdochka, the female lion-tailed macaques Mani and Dunya, and the lamb Curly.

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