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Marvelous victory for Mimi, Nusrat and Shatabdi


Marvelous victory for Mimi, Nusrat and Shatabdi

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In Indian the Lok Sabha Election, Trinamool Congress candidates Nusrath Jahan, Mimi Chakravarty and Shatabdi Roy have got a massive victory while legendary actress Suchitra Sen’s daughter and film star Moon Moon Sen has been defeated. Most impressive victories are for film actress Nusrath Jahan and Mimi Chakravarty, both new-comers in politics. Another Trinamool candidate film actor Deb, being a new comer in politics has also won a huge victory.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s candidate Locket Chatterjee has also won for the second term.

Despite victory of Nusrath, Mimi, Deb and Shatabdi Roy, the overall result in West Bengal was not favorable to Trinamool Congress. Their political arch rival, Bharatiya Janata Party got more seats this time in comparing to the 2014 general election. In fact, there is a clear wind of saffron throughout India, which political analysts are seeing as a tsunami of radical Hinduism, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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