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Movie industry have a long way to positively go global


Movie industry have a long way to positively go global

George Vail Kabristante

On August 6, Brennan presented himself before the police to express his willingness to cooperate in the investigation of 8chan, which had been accused of “breeding” extremists.

“Mr. Brennan said that he is willing to help in the investigation if the law enforcement needs his help,” Lozada said.

Brennan claimed that he sold the messaging board to James Watkins in 2014.

The site was closed days after the Texas massacre.

In an interview with the New York Times, Brennan lamented that 8chan had turned into a “megaphone” for mass shooters and “recruiting platform for violent white nationalists.”

United States authorities are also investigating the link between the shooting and the posting of the hate document on 8chan, which touted itself “the darkest reaches of the internet.”

Reports said three other shootings had been linked to the imageboard, including the massacre in New Zealand where 52 people were gunned down and the killing of a person at a synagogue in San Diego.

A Filipino user on Reddit who used 8chan for five years admitted that the site hosted various topics from anime to weaponry.

“Heck, there’s even suicide and ways to not experience pain,” the user who asked not to be identified told The Times.

He said opinions were expressed freely on the site, but “get ready to get bombarded there by either troll or informative answers.”

Lozada said the PNP would be willing to cooperate with the US if authorities there sought help regarding their investigation.

PNP chief Oscar Albayalde urged Watkins to come out and air his side.

Watkins had said the Texas gunman first posted his hate manifesto on Instagram.

Cloudflare terminated its service for 8chan, but there is no guarantee that the message board is permanently out of cyberspace.

“We just sent notice that we are terminating 8chan as a customer. The rationale is simple: they have proven themselves to be lawless and that lawlessness has caused multiple tragic deaths,” Matthew Prince, owner of the network, said in a post on August 5.

In 2017, Cloudfare banned the neo-Nazi blog The Daily Stormer, which Prince tagged as a “disgusting” site.

Prince said The Daily Stormer is still available through another network provider.

In the ‘90s he became the most sought-after director for cutting-edge TV commercials and corporate shows, thanks to his novel mind and innovative eye.

This became his milk and honey, his deliverance that much later jump started by leaps and bounds his successful career in multi-level marketing business and often referred to as an underground economy that gave a financial break to self-employed people.

He is now cut above the rest of the networking companies not only in the Philippines, but throughout Asia. Proof of which he has won three of the most-co­veted internationally-based Glo­bal Awards for him to qualify this year as a Hall of Famer in the direction.

Alas to him, the contemporary world of show business is not anymore “baduy.” It has a class act and taste of its own. Strangely, he thinks even the condescending elites now want to be part of local showbiz, adding that many snooty moviegoers now go for local films.

The award-winning movie actor himself is more than happy over said development because to him this signals more than ever local performers and the movie industry in general have a long way to positively go global.

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