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Nazrul Raz emerges as god father of blackmailer rackets

Faria Mahbub Piasha, Mariam Akter Mou, Rapid Action Battalion, Nazrul Islam Raz, Piasha, Pori Moni


Nazrul Raz emerges as god father of blackmailer rackets

Following the arrests of model Faria Mahbub Piasha and Mariam Akter Mou, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has already obtained list of 100-150 females who were regularly attending the late-night parties at various posh apartments-cum-private brothels in Dhaka city. Accordingly, RAB has conducted raid at the residence of controversial film actress Pori Moni and a film producer named Nazrul Islam Raz and recovered huge volume of liquor, yaba pills, LSD drugs, while the elite force also has confiscated porn-film making apparatuses from the residence of Nazrul Islam Raz.

According to media reports, Raz, owner of Raz Multimedia, a film and drama production company was controlling those illegal nightclubs and private brothels in the city. It is learned, social elites, wealthy individuals, industrialists and members of wealthy families were invited at those late-night secret parties in several apartments in the city, where liquor and other types of drugs were served. At the same time, the owners of the apartments were secretly filming sexual activities of the guests, which were later used for extorting huge amount of cash through blackmailing.

Additional Director General of RAB, Colonel K M Azad has also confirmed such allegations against Raz to the media.

Controversial film actress Pori Moni has been spending lavishly during each of her foreign tours

It may be mentioned here that, Rapid Action Battalion raided the apartment of a controversial model named Faria Mahbub Piasha at Dhaka city’s Baridha area and recovered huge volume of liquor, yaba pills and other types of drugs along with foreign currency. Later, Piasha’s main accomplish Mishu Hassan was arrested by RAB.

Controversial film actress Pori Moni has been arrested on the basis of information provided by Faria Mahbub Piasha and Mishu Hassan.

Additional Director General of RAB, Colonel K M Azad said, RAB entered the Banani residence of Nazrul Raz at around 8:30 in the evening on the basis on information revealed by Faria Mahbub Piasha, Mishu Hassan and Pori Moni. During the raid, RAB personnel seized liquor, drugs and sex toys from Raz’s apartment.

According to Colonel K M Azad, Pori Moni, Faria Mahbub Piasha, Mishu Hassan, Mariam Akter Mou and many others have been working under the command of Nazrul Raz.

It is further learned that Nazrul Raz had introduced Pori Moni in the film industry and she has lived under his custody for years. During that time, Raz has supplied Pori Moni and many other females from the entertainment industry to various wealthy individuals.

Nazrul Raz, who once was one of the accomplices of top-terrorist Liaquat Hussain found the opportunity of becoming wealthy immediately after the 2008 general elections. He was also maintaining regular contacts with Jubo League’s expelled leader Ismail Chowdhury Samrat and those who were involved with illegal casino business in the city. Initially though Raz’s main source of income was working as a pimp, he subsequently succeeded in becoming filthily rich. He owns properties worth millions of takas in Dhaka city and other parts of the country. But, according to a source, Raz’s main source of income was gold smuggling, drug trafficking and selling porn films. He has trapped dozens of females and compelled them in working in porn films, which were later sold to porn-film rackets overseas. He has also been sending females from the Bangladeshi entertainment industry to various affluent clients in Dubai and other Arab countries.

Commenting on Nazrul Raz, a female named Faria Parveen Latifa wrote on social media: “… I am particularly delighted knowing about Nazrul Raz [being arrested by RAB] as I was forced to leave the media because of his torture. Allah knows, administration [RAB] has taken a praiseworthy initiative, and I am happy”.

While conscious citizen are expressing delight at RAB’s ongoing drive against those unscrupulous females and their cohorts, several female members of the Dhaka’s entertainment industry are feeling worried sensing they also may face the same consequences of Piasha, Mou and Pori Moni.

Meanwhile, a senior technician of Dhaka film industry told this correspondent, he is feeling happy seeing some culprits have started getting caught, while he said, law enforcement agencies need to go for raids at the film offices in Dhaka’s Kakrail area as during evening, most of those film offices turn into casinos while consumption of liquor and other types of drugs are frequent. He said, a controversial film production company, which is owned by an individual hailing from Chandpur district is arranging similar parties as those of Piasha and Mou on a regular basis.

The senior technician also called upon the National Board of Revenue (NBR) to check income tax records of several top artists of Dhaka’s film and drama circle. He said, there are allegations of dodging huge amount of income tax by at least four popular actors and actresses of Dhaka drama sector.

Ronju Sarkar

Ronju Sarkar is a Staff Correspondent of Blitz

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