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Norway a haven for golfers from around the world

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Norway a haven for golfers from around the world

Norway is a haven for golfers, thanks to the excellent gameplay across the country and the absolutely stunning scenery. Writes Jordan Fuller

Norway may be better known for its snowy climate, but when the weather is a little warmer between April and October, there’s excellent golf to be played!

While challenging and exciting gameplay is a must for any serious golfer, the spectacular scenery is one of the best things about any course in Norway.

Whether you’re there for the amazing golf or for a bit of sightseeing on the side, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to spend some time than on the golf course.

We’re rediscovering these golf courses in Norway as gems for golfers of any level! If you happen to be in the area, they’re extremely worth a day out, but be warned – the scenery is incredibly distracting, so bring your A-game!

Lofoten Links 

Lofoten Links is a stunning Scottish links-style golf course surrounded by spectacular views. And the best part is that from halfway through May until the end of July, you can play golf for 48 hours straight under the midnight sun!

Apart from the excitement of playing a full round in the middle of the night (ideal if you’re jet-lagged!), the course is absolutely beautiful.

Flanked by the sea, which comes into play as a water hazard on multiple holes, and the beach, which turns into a sand trap, you won’t soon forget the experience of playing here.

It’s not simple to get to, with a flight and a short road trip, but it’s completely worth it. To add even more magic to the experience, the course is laid out on an ancient Viking burial ground, bringing a striking spiritual feeling to your round of golf.

Stiklestad Golfklubb 

Stiklestad Golfklubb is situated in north-central Norway, in the location of the most famous battle in Norwegian history—the battle of Stiklestad. It’s packed with history, and several large Viking-age burial mounds can be seen throughout the course.

The golf course itself is a different kind of battle, challenging, and possibly a better choice for golfers with some experience behind them.

With narrow, tree- and rough-lined fairways and a number of tricky holes, golfers will need precision and patience to get a good score on this course.

With the front nine laid out in a forest setting and the back nine being in open country, the scenery is a sight to behold so try not to be distracted during your round.

Some memorable holes include the par-4 6th, with a dogleg and an almost-hidden water hazard; the 221-yard, par-3 13th, which is the longest par-3 in Norway; and the par-5 16th hole which has a well-protected elevated green.

Kragerø Golfklubb 

Kragerø Golfklubb was named Norway’s Best Golf Course in 2020 by the World Golf Awards, so you know it’s going to be a great course to play.

Cycling, fishing, and canoeing are popular in this area, so those who enjoy a full day of sports should definitely spend some time here.

Set in a wooded area, the course is filled with trees and has a definite feeling of being out in nature. While the scenery is not quite as spectacular as some other courses, it’s green, rolling, and still quite beautiful.

While it’s a fun course for beginners and advanced players, it has some tricky challenges. The par-4 3rd hole has a dogleg right that comes dangerously close to a lake; the par-5 8th hole features two water hazards, and par-4 hole 16 has a slight but challenging curve that might end up with you losing a ball to the trees.

Miklagard Golf 

Just 10 minutes away from the airport, Miklagard Golf Course is a spot well worth a visit. It’s been named one of Europe’s best courses to play and features some of the fastest and trickiest greens in the country.

As one of the courses in the European PGA Tour lineup, it’s a monster length, measuring 7,398 yards from the back tees. Choose carefully from the 5 tees to avoid frustration and have the best game possible!

Elevation changes are frequent and elevated greens are common. In terms of scenery, the course is a little sparse and not as pretty as many of the others in Norway.

But for serious golfers who want a challenge in length and elevation. It’s actually fairly straightforward but rewards precision and consistency more than daring shots.

Atlungstad Golf 

The Atlungstad Golf Course is situated on the shores of Norway’s largest lake. This gives a few of the holes an ocean-like vibe, while the rest of the course offers some woodland feel and a bit of a heathland atmosphere.

The course is loaded with excellent and challenging holes, although the signature is number 6. It’s a par-3, featuring a huge bunker and a water hazard, with a spectacular view of the lake behind it.

Other holes that are memorable include the par-4 5th, a dogleg with plenty of challenging bunkers; the par-4 11th, which features a bumpy fairway loaded with bunkers and a sneaky green; and the par-4 17th, with a carry over the lake, and has a long and unusually tricky green to navigate.

The golf club also has a short 6-hole course, which is free to play as long as you bring your own clubs and balls. This is ideal for families who want to spend a day out together, practicing their golf swing, or for teaching the kids how to play!


Norway is a haven for golfers, thanks to the excellent gameplay across the country and the absolutely stunning scenery. It will have you loving every moment of being on the course even if you aren’t having a great round, but be careful not to get too distracted by the beauty and forget to concentrate!

And these courses are by no means the only fantastic ones in the country. Whether you’re in the mood for a raw links-style game, a sleek championship course, or a fun round of golf in the middle of the night, Norway has something for you!

Jordan Fuller is an avid golfer who has played on beautiful courses across the world. When he’s not swinging his clubs on a new, exciting course or an old favorite, or mentoring amateur golfers, he writes informative reviews and articles for his website, Golf Influence.

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