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Nusrat Sabrin: An emerging name in Bangladesh media


Nusrat Sabrin: An emerging name in Bangladesh media

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

This is possibly the only newspaper, which does not run after celebrities. Instead, we always try to find newer talents – those who are yet to be into the media’s limelight. Nusrat Sabrin Chowdhury is one of those promising names in today’s Bangladesh media, who has her achievements in various fields – from a screenful marketing executive to a poet – an actor, model, anchor – and above all – a human being filled with visions and determination of becoming successful in life. Recently Nusrat has accorded an exclusive interview to Blitz. Here are the excerpts:

Q1: You have your presence in various fields of profession and have achieved success in most of them. Why are the driving forces behind your success story – firm determination or hard work?


A: My professional life began back in 2012 and have worked with various multinational companies until 2018. In addition to that, I have my own online marketing business as well from 2016 have been involved in acting career. I have a travel group and we have traveled to many countries with that group. Frankly, doing so many things together wouldn’t be possible only through determination. From an early age, I have believed in working hard. The only goal is not enough. It must be combined with hard work, which finally can make someone successful. I would say, the secret behind my success story certainly is hard work.

Q2: Your name and fame are gradually spreading in the media, although major segment of it is through your anchoring of introducing various products to your targeted online customers. Those who are regular on social media, know you. In the future, how do you plan to get yourself known – as an anchor of the online shopping programs or in other segments in the media?


A: Many thanks! My entrance into anchoring was very sudden. I had anchored online shopping programs at the request of a friend. Subsequently, many people started contacting with the offer of introducing their products and brands online. After doing this for a while, I realized, I feel very comfortable in it. Later got involved in it as a profession. I definitely want to work in other segments of media. It is not only a social media platform. Rather I want to introduce myself as an anchor.

Q3: In your career, you have been succeeded as a marketing executive. Later, was your decision of appearing as an anchor in the online shopping programs were just out of passion, or it was because of professional requirements?


A: You know, before I have worked as the Chief Marketing Officer, I have been in the field of acting. Meaning my journey into media began through acting. You can say, acting is my passion. My career as an anchor is rather because of my likings to its rather than a hobby.

Q4: In recent days, many educated people are entering Bangladesh’s media. Do you think, this would help in improving the working atmosphere?


A: It’s a very positive sign. Media is such a platform, through which social messages can be easily communicated to the people. Those who work on this platform, it is essential for them to be educated. In addition to educational qualification, a person’s family background is equally important. Everyone’s best learnings are always from the family. Once those people enter the media, people and the nation would get something better from them.

Q5: How do you view yourself? As the heroine of Rabindra Nath Tagore or Sharat Chandra’s novels or Da Vinci’s Monalisa?


A: Certainly, the heroine of Rabindra Nath or Sharat Chandra’s novels. More precisely, Labonyo of Rabindra Nath Tagore’s ‘Shesher Kobita’ [The Last Poem].

Q6: What do you dislike in people?

A: A lot, but above all is hypocrisy or mockery. It is essential for everyone to express what they feel inside. I greatly dislike people with double-standard. To me, commitment or pledges are very important. I can’t stand those who fail keeping commitments.


Q7: There isn’t any Bengali who doesn’t love music. It is difficult to find a Bengali who at least does not try to sing. Would you share your experience with music? Do you have any plan of presenting yourself as a singer one day?

A: [Laughter]. During my childhood, I got admitted to music school but could not continue due to various reasons. I grew up being listening to music. I do listen to old classic songs and regularly sing whenever get together with friends. I am not out of that mesmerism of old classic songs. But till now I do not have the audacity of presenting myself as a singer. Maybe, it wasn’t even in my plan even a couple of days back. But, as I said, I always strongly uphold my commitment and recently when someone requested me to give voice to a song, I couldn’t say no. Hopefully, very soon, I can present my debut song to my friends and admirers.


Q8: What type of songs mostly attract you and would you say something about the trend of filthy lyrics and copied tunes in recent days?

A:  Well I said already, I have not yet been to pull myself out of those old days songs. The songs of Jagjit Singh, Kishore Kumar, Anup Ghoshal, Hemanta Mukherjee, Manna Dey do attract me mainly. I grew up listening to the songs of Syed Abdul Hadi, Bari Siddique, and others. Also, Lalon’s song. I am a great fan of Lalon. I think, in this age, people are mostly unable to get into the depth of the lyrics of any songs mostly because of their busy schedules. Taking this chance, those songs with filthy lyrics and copies tunes are being created. Songs are for the audience. If the audience will not prepare themselves in listening to quality songs, we can’t expect a continuation of good music and good songs.


Q9: What position you want to see after ten years from now?

A: By ten years from now, I want to travel all the countries in the world, and for implementing that, I am ready to work hard to make myself successful in my career.

Q10: How much cooperation you are getting from your family in your career in the media?

A: Unfortunately, though who world in the media, people love watching them on the TV or silver screen. But most of the families do not want them to work in the media. There may be many arguments – against and in favor of this. But I have never received encouragement or cooperation from my family in my career in media.


Q11: What will be your decision, if you get an offer of expanding your career in the media?

A: Will definitely accept any good offer.

Q12: In hundred years from now, you won’t be in this world. But your memoirs will remain. How do you feel thinking about this?

A: It is really strange thinking about this. I don’t know how much remarkable works I can leave behind. Even don’t know how much I can be of help to people. But of course, everyone wants to be remembered in this world through their deeds. I too will try that.

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