Orange Blush Salon and Lemon Rebond Salon proprietor turns 40

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We often hear the saying that age is just a number, yet turning 40 remains a big deal for many on varied reasons. Some worry too much about “burying their youth,” while others feel wiser having learned from their mistakes and survived the tough, crazy days of 20s and 30s.

Last April 8, Orange Blush Salon and Lemon Rebond Salon proprietor Joby Linsangan-Moreno entered a new chapter of her life with a happy and grateful heart. She looks at 40 as the new 20 armed with knowledge and priceless experiences.

“Being 40 is indeed a great blessing from the Lord, to have reached this age healthy is already a precious gift,” said Joby and continued to ponder on her life, “Looking back, I have come to realize that living with a great sense of purpose makes life worth living, more meaningful. I have found my purpose in life when I turned 38, and have tried to live by this verse from Matthew 5:16, my mantra in life, ‘Make your light shine so that others may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.’ I believe that God has called me for that mission. I try to live every single day with that verse in mind. I think the reason why I became a businesswoman instead of a doctor is, for me, to bless more people with the work that I do.”

Joby was working as a medical technologist when she started her salon business in her hometown Cabanatuan City in 2003. At present, Orange Blush Salon has over 20 branches in and out of the Metro, and continues to grow via franchising.

Since the enhanced community quarantine took effect, Joby didn’t think twice in extending help to her employees and other people in need. “Except for our rice retail stores, our businesses are closed. We sent relief goods to our employees to help them during this difficult time. We also try to stay in touch with each other through messages and photos on social media.”

Orange Blush Salon and the Aliaga Rice Supply (retail business run by her husband Lawrence), also distributed rice, orange masks and hair products to our frontliners in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.

“We sell our hair products online (within Cabanatuan City) for the meantime while all salons are still closed. It is a tough time for everyone, but knowing that this will all end soon gives us all a sense of hope and that excitement to get back to work.”

Unlike in her past birthdays, Joby celebrated the milestone with her family at home. “It is a precious birthday celebration to reflect quietly about the present life and God’s faithfulness. I am excited to start this new chapter in my life. I feel like it’s a new beginning; a chance to learn from past mistakes and to just start anew, this time with a deeper understanding and sense of what living your life is truly about.

“Being 40, for me, is the start of becoming selfless, and knowing the true meaning behind the word ‘service’ – in word and in deed. It is thinking of ways of how to become a contributing member in the society; it is doing and being your best in whatever you can do to make other people’s lives matter.”

In fact, Joby made her 40th birthday extraordinary with the launch of Parlorista at Barbero Kami Foundation (PAK) in her goal to prioritize, improve and safeguard the lives and welfare of hairdressers, aestheticians, massage therapists, nail technicians, salon receptionists, barbers and their families.

Since she began her salon business, Joby has been involved with various CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities nationwide. Through PAK, she is confident that those who are in the hairdressing industry will be taken care of, along with their families.

PAK Foundation also has its long-term goals, among them are, to educate and encourage learners to enroll in hairdressing program as offered in K-12 curriculum by the Department of Education; to provide scholarship programs to the children of PAK members; to offer free haircut to indigent and less fortunate Filipinos; and to build PAK communities (with affordable housing, free basic education and income-generating jobs) in every province that will ensure holistic and meaningful livelihood programs for members.

“This foundation has always been my dream, and for everything it stands for. I cannot wait to work on it, and start spreading love, one haircut at a time,” said Joby who observes a healthy lifestyle. She follows her workout routines most days of the week to keep her focused, energetic and strong.

Like the rest of the world, Joby is optimistic that the COVID-19 crisis will soon be over and everything will return to its normalcy. It excites her no end about launching her book, Beauty & the Biz, published by ABS-CBN Publishing, and will be available at all National Bookstore branches. The book also includes The 10 Commandments of the Orange Lady: Thoughts on Living a Joyful and Balanced Personal-Business Life. The Asian Artists Agency, Inc. (AAAI) talent also looks forward to the second season of Beauty & the Biz on ANC.

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