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Police files ‘internal’ general diary against Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni

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Police files ‘internal’ general diary against Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni

Following the much-hyped incident at Dhaka Boat Club and arrest of the accused Nasir Uddin Mahmud and others, Bangladeshi film actress Pori Moni is back with new controversy. According to police sources, Pori Moni along with several unidentified individuals went to Gulshan All Community Club in the late hours of June 7, 2021 and continued rampage thus damaging 9 ash trays, 15 wine glasses and several half-plates.

Describing the incident, president of the club, KM Alamgir Iqbal said, Pori Moni went to the club along with a man in shorts and another female. She entered the club premises by using reference of a member. As the club member and Pori Moni sought apologies, authorities did not press any charges centering the incident as that would hamper image of Gulshan All Community Club.

Giving details of the incident, KM Alamgir Iqbal said, Pori Moni and her companies continued rowdy behavior inside the club. At this stage the Director Food & Beverage requested the actress to leave the premises. But instead of leaving, they continued rowdy activities. Later the member whose reference Pori Moni had used to enter the club also made similar request, but in vain. As most of the members left the club seeing such rowdiness, Pori Moni and her companies went into vandalism thus damaging properties of the club. While continuing such madness, Pori Moni’s assistant dialed ‘999’ and as police rushed on the spot, the actress started making false allegations against the club authorities. But, police realized, the actress was trying to misled them. At this stage, the police officer sought instruction from the high-ups and as there was instruction to drive them out of the club, Pori Moni and her companions hurriedly left the place.

As per rules of the club, a notice was served on the member who was referred by Pori Moni. Process of further action are underway.


MK Alamgir Iqbal said, “We did not know her. Never seen her. Later we came to know from someone that her name is Pori Moni”.

Commenting on the incident, Deputy Commission of Gulshan Zone, Sudip Kumar Charabarty told reporters, “A team of police went to the spot after getting call on ‘999’. The team found Pori Moni and her team members had damaged properties. Since both sides later had reached into compromise, no legal action was initiated. Only a general diary was recorded by the ‘999’ team. This is an internal general diary. It is not any complaint. If club authorities will press complaints, we shall take legal action”.

Club controversies of actress Pori Moni

As the information about actress Pori Moni and her companion’s rowdy acts in various clubs in Dhaka has started getting exposed, people are questioning as to why the actress has been visiting various clubs at such late hours and causing hassle. The incident at Gulshan All Community Club clearly proves, Pori Moni and her team members are habituated in showing unruly tendencies and later falsely putting blames on the club authorities. They said, law enforcement agencies should immediately investigate these matters.

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