Pop diva Mila returning with her new song

Smriti Sen Gupta

After a pause of some years, popular Bangladeshi pop star Mila Islam is all set of returning with her new songs. Recently she has started composition of the song in her private studio in Dhaka. Mila Islam has been one of the most popular female singers in South Asia, with millions of fans in Bangladesh and India. In Kolkata, she is known as the ‘Madonna of Bengal’. Due to her extreme popularity, Mila is the top choice of the audio labels in Bangladesh. But this time, she is going to release a number of songs – in Bangla, Hindi and English. According to her staffs, this time Mila is all set to rock the music lovers in South Asia and the world with several hit songs. Mila’s popularity reached at the top after one of her songs ‘Rupbaney Nachey Komor Dulaiya’ turned super hit. This song became such popular that the singer stole hearts of millions – from the rural peasants to urban upper class.

Members of Dhaka’s music industry see Mila as a talented singer and a great performer.

Reason behind the pause:

Mila was mentally stressed after marrying a pilot, who is accused of physically torturing her while her ex also, is accused of being engaged into extramarital affairs with numerous women. In Mila’s words, her ex is a female flesh predator, who had forced all of the members of the airline company he works in sleeping with him. There are allegations against him of trapping various females from cross section of the society, including the entertainment world.

In her social media accounts, Mila has raised numerous allegations against her ex and even termed him as a threat to the national security of the country. She has already notified the authorities concerned about her ex’s immoral, illegal and criminal activities.

Seeking anonymity, an official with the Civil Aviation Authorities of Bangladesh told this correspondent, “Mila Islam has sent a letter to authorities concerned elaborating immoral and illegal activities of her ex husband. If these allegations are real, the international license of her ex as a pilot would be revoked”.

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