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Priyanka Chopra appears in sexy swimsuit in Dubai

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Priyanka Chopra appears in sexy swimsuit in Dubai

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra may not have the ability to thrill audience through successful movies that she used to have in the past, Chopra still remains at media’s attention on many occasions – sometimes because of scandals of her husband and sometimes through sexy appearances in a number of events. Now she has successfully caught attention of the media when she shared few highlights of a recent gateway in Dubai and shared highlights on her Instagram account. In one standout pictures, the actress is seen relaxing on a yacht in a stylish mustard yellow sexy swimsuit and sunglass. She captioned the post, “Weekend vibes”.

The next few slides showed Chopra lounging on the yacht in a striped sweater and jet skiing across the Arabian. Fans also got a glimpse of her fun night out with friends, where she donned a fabulous animal-print ensemble.

For the record, this isn’t the only time Chopra stole the show in yellow. Just last week, the actress attended the Red Sea International Film Festival and turned heads in a silky yellow gown by Nicolas Jebran, complete with a matching floor-length jacket. In the Instagram pic (which has over 1.7 million likes), Chopra paired the dress with jewelry by Bulgari and wore her hair in loose waves.

The actress looked stylish and carefree in her yellow maxi dress. One follower wrote, “Like a flower petal, blooom! Lovely picture”.

Hundreds of people are commenting on Priyanka Chopra’s latest appearance in sexy swimsuit. Here are few of those comments:

John: She looks very sad and depressed, but in all honesty, she is beautiful.

Nitesh: Wouldn’t call her a stunner.

Jay: She has a large frame. Within years she can be very heavy or obeise. Needs to watch her carbs. The ageing process can come in a tidal wave.

Mikey: Why do they keep trying to shove this woman down our throats? She does nothing for a living.

Irene: Oh no not another Kardashian family, can’t these people just live a life without posting all these private showings of their life WHO CARES. They are so insecure, period.

Barry: I have never really been that impressed with her. I mean she is okay looking but stunner…I think not. Just my opinion.

Peter: Isn’t it wonderful how they think they can stun us as they ride around on their private yachts while most of us have to deal with inflation and high fuel prices?? She’s not a stunner, rocker, jaw dropper, or sizzler or other Yahoo terms in my humble opinion.

Rodica: Nice person, but horrendous shinny yellow dress. And, wealthy people stop posting pics insensitive and unrelated to the lifestyles of majority of people struggling w/recession.

Nathan: I bet she can never be on top. A heavy cargo.

Shawn: She is a very smart gal, but is getting chubby. Imagine if she had the baby on her own. At this rate Jonas may have to get on the pill in the near future.

Patti: She is not a small woman. Pretty big compared to her husband. She just looks like she could beat the “you know what out of him”.

Billy: Eish, the wall cometh. Nick must feel like he bought a carton of milk with two days left on the expiration date.

Martin: People who need to use the word “stuns”, need to go back to first grade, progress through the ranks, and maybe find a good Thesaurus. What a clever, vacuous expression, used over and over and over and over and over and over ad nauseum.

Jeff: I don’t get it, she’s not even close to as pretty and desirable as many of the smart, lovely, talented and oh yeah FIT Indian ladies I work with daily. Put any of them in any of the +$10,000 gowns that she wears daily and they would be far more desirable!!! What’s her talent anyway???

Ronju Sarkar

Ronju Sarkar is a Staff Correspondent of Blitz

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