US singer Halsey uses breast milk for skincare


US singer Halsey, who has been in love with Turkish screenwriter Alev Aydın for a long time, had the happiness of becoming a mother for the first time by taking her son Ender Ridley in her arms in July 2021. Expressing how much she loves her baby at every opportunity, the famous name explained in a recent interview that she also uses breast milk in her skin care routine.

Halsey, who has a boy named Ender Ridley from her Turkish lover Alev Aydın, who has been living in the US for a long time, was previously pregnant in 2015; She had lost her baby a few hours before she went on stage. In a talk show she attended three years later, Halsey explained that she had a miscarriage while young audiences were watching her, and yet she had to continue with the concert as if nothing had happened.

“My body cannot terminate the pregnancy itself”

The world-famous 27-year-old singer, who said she had a DNA test in 2020 and was 11 percent Turkish, used the following statements in an interview with Vogue Magazine.

“I cried during this process”

The star singer said, “I cried during this procedure. I was afraid for myself, I was desperate. I had to helplessly end the pregnancy that threatened my life”.

Expressing how much she loves her son Ender Ridley, who was born in 2021 at every opportunity, Halsey announced that she added breast milk to her skin care routine after becoming a mother.

The singer who gave an interview to Nylon; She described breast milk as ‘the best skin care ingredient’, saying it’s “packed with antioxidants, good fats and things that speed up the healing process”.

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