37 allegations against former US President Donald Trump, know those 10 things which became strong evidence!


Washington: The allegations against former US President Donald Trump have been made public. According to media reports, former US President Donald Trump has been accused of about 37 crimes. The most important of these allegations include the details of an ‘attack plan’ of the Pentagon and the sharing of a secret document related to a military operation. The list of charges against Donald Trump was made public on Friday.

Donald Trump accused of stealing government documents

According to media reports, former US President Donald Trump has been accused of not listening to anyone while in power. He even leaked secret FBI documents related to Russia’s interference in the US presidential election, despite objections from the Justice Department. Now, three years after losing the election, Donald Trump has been accused of stealing government documents. Donald Trump has been charged with a total of 37 charges in the US Federal Court, ranging from inciting the attack on Capitol Hills to bribing a porn star, income tax fraud and attempting to illegally influence the judiciary.

America: Donald Trump’s problems increased, Pentagon’s attack plan and allegations of sharing secret map

Those 10 things of Donald Trump

A transcript of the tape that has been made public says that as president I could have made it public, but now I can’t.

He said, ‘I don’t want anyone to see my boxes.’

Donald Trump also asked, ‘Would it be better if we told them that we have nothing here?’

The nearly 50-page indictment states that Donald Trump not only knowingly kept classified documents close, but also showed them to guests.

In a private meeting in 2021, Donald Trump admitted to being in possession of a Pentagon document about a possible attack on Iran. This would imply that Donald Trump knew that the records he held at Mar-a-Lago were classified, which he has repeatedly denied over the past months.

Last summer, a raid by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida found that several classified documents were kept at his residence.

Donald Trump also involved his assistants in his efforts to hide these confidential documents.

In a 32-page affidavit filed in a Miami court in August 2022, the FBI accused Donald Trump of possessing confidential government documents without permission. A few days later, the FBI raided Trump’s house again.

In the second raid of FBI, about 11 thousand government documents filled in 33 boxes were recovered. About 100 of these documents are confidential. Documents related to national security were also included in these documents.

Donald Trump had told his lawyers, ‘We wanted to defy a subpoena sent to return the confidential document kept in his residence.’

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