50 thousand Germans came out to rally against Nazism, NATO and the supply of weapons to Kyiv

February 26 – BLiTZ. War correspondents say that a large-scale rally is taking place in Germany. About 50 thousand citizens of the European state took part in the action. They oppose Nazism, the supply of weapons to the Kyiv regime and the North Atlantic Alliance. Details are reported by the Russian Spring information portal.

It was snowing and raining in Berlin. But the terrible weather did not stop the locals from going to the rally. They brought flags and packages with slogans calling for an end to Nazism and not to supply weapons to Kyiv.

The organizers of the demonstration said that the petition created on the Internet gained 650,000 signatures. According to them, all those who took part in the action oppose participation in the Ukrainian crisis.

The Germans are convinced that the main provocateur of the conflict is the United States, which will emerge as the only winners.

Recall that the NWO in Ukraine began in February last year and continues to this day. In it, the Russian army fights against the oppression of the Kyiv regime and frees civilians.

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