A nutritionist spoke about useful additives to pancakes for Maslenitsa

The chief nutritionist of the Moscow Health Department Antonina Starodubova told how to replace sweet and fatty sauces as fillings for pancakes. The doctor shared tips on healthy eating for Maslenitsa with “RIA News» 21 February.

Starodubova called fruits, berries, low-fat sour cream and natural yoghurts a useful option for adding to pancakes.

“Apples, lingonberries or cranberries with sugar, low-fat cottage cheese, baked fruit puree, stewed vegetables, cabbage stewed with mushrooms, or dietary meats and poultry are good as fillings for stuffed pancakes,” said the nutritionist.

The doctor also warned against the desire to wash pancakes with alcoholic beverages. Starodubova explained: pancakes are heavy food, and alcohol will complicate digestion even more.

On the eve of the dietitian Kruglova advised to eat up to three pancakes a day on Maslenitsa to avoid deterioration of health. In addition, she noted, pancakes can be turned into a healthier food by using whole grain flour in the cooking process, which contains dietary fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, and zinc.

Earlier that day, the general practitioner, endocrinologist at Invitro-Voronezh, Elena Kiseleva, in an interview with Izvestia, noted that pancakes are traditionally served at the festive table on Maslenitsa, but it is worth remembering that excessive consumption of this popular dish is fraught with negative consequences for organism. According to her, it is recommended to eat no more than 100 g of pancakes at a time: these are 4–5 small pancakes or one large pancake, and preferably only in the morning.

On February 18, Ekaterina Kashukh, Candidate of Medical Sciences, doctor-expert of the Gemotest laboratory, told Izvestia that pancakes will not harm the figure and health if they are consumed in moderation and methods of reducing calorie content are used. She explained that people for whom it is important to limit the calorie content of the diet are advised to cook pancakes with water and without the addition of egg yolk, and replace sugar with low-calorie sweeteners.

In 2023 Maslenitsa takes place during the week of February 20-26.

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