A pack of dogs attacked a woman in Ulan-Ude

A pack of stray dogs attacked a woman in Ulan-Ude, three of them have already been caught. This was reported on February 15 on site city ​​hall.

The woman applied to the city administration the day before, on February 14. Immediately after that, four teams of specialists were sent to catch aggressive animals. Two dogs were caught immediately, another one the next day.

“The reason for the appearance of a pack of dogs in this area is due to the fact that the townspeople continue to feed dogs, a “laying” of neglected animals has formed here,” the city hall said in a statement.

It is noted that during the “mating” season, dogs become more aggressive and stray into packs that can be dangerous to passers-by. In this regard, the city authorities decided to increase the number of capture teams.

On February 7, Saratov opened a criminal case on negligence in catching stray dogs against officials of the administration of the Kirovsky district. The regional Investigative Committee of the TFR believes that the officials did not properly organize the work on catching, transporting and keeping stray animals. Because of this, in December 2022, a 14-year-old girl was injured, who was bitten on the hand by a dog.

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