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February 21, 2023, 14:25 – BLiTZ – News

On the evening of February 19, a man attacked a resident of Nizhny Novgorod. The victim told this transmits newsnn.ru.

On the day of the attack, Anastasia reportedly got out of a parked car with a pizza in her hands. The man was already waiting for her near the entrance. Seeing the food in the hands of the girl, the man asked if she worked as a courier. However, when he saw that she took out the keys, he followed her into the entrance.

“At that moment, a family of neighbors approached the entrance. Mom, dad and child. We all went inside together and entered the freight elevator. The family pressed their floor, I pressed mine, but the stranger did not press anything. By that time, I realized that something was wrong, ”recalls Anastasia.

Suspecting something was wrong, the girl called her husband and asked to meet her. The family went out on their floor, and the girl was left alone with the criminal. 10 seconds after the elevator doors closed, the man struck the girl with an elbow in the nose.

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“I didn’t lose consciousness and started screaming loudly. I jumped out of the elevator, ran up the stairs to my apartment. The husband was already standing with the door open. He saw me covered in blood,” she pointed out.

The husband managed to detain the offender. Paramedics and police arrived at the scene. The next day, the girl learned that the man was likely to be released because a broken nose is a mild or moderate bodily injury. Now the girl is afraid to go outside. Now she will seek to ensure that the attacker was imprisoned.

Earlier it was reported that teenagers from Nizhny Novgorod beat a disabled person in order to take a vape from him. When one of the attackers pretended to call his parents, the second attacked the Russian. It is noted that the victim came to his senses at the entrance with wounds and bruises. Read more on the topic in the BLiTZ article.

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