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A secret deal between Haya and Maktoum


A secret deal between Haya and Maktoum

Anita Mathur

Until now, Princess Haya bint-Hussein, the Jordanian king Abdullah’s half-sister and ex-wife of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammad al-Maktoum has been successful in fooling the media with her habitual lies and enjoy sympathy and coverages. It may be mentioned here that, Princess Haya has been known in the Jordanian palace insiders as sexually pervert and shrewd individual since her childhood. According to media reports, Haya had dated at least five individuals during her stay in Jordan, while during her school life in Britain, she was known as a party-girl, who was spending lavishly in orgy parties. She has dated several classmates.

Princess Haya succeeded in catching the attention of billionaire Mohammad al-Maktoum as both have interest in horse racing. Maktoum was totally hypnotized by Princess Haya and following his marrying the Jordanian princess, he had started ignoring all of his wives. Haya had succeeded in establishing a huge influence on Maktoum and was making hundreds of millions of dollars from various business ventures. Her full brother Prince Ali bin Hussein was also making a huge amount of money through recruiting laborers for Dubai from India with the collaboration of Princess Haya. Ali’s recruitment business was run by an Indian, who was his college friend.

Despite the legal battle between Princess Haya and Sheikh Maktoum, the Jordanian princess had reached into a secret deal with her ex for concealing the fact about the murder of Shaikha Latifa bint Maktoum as her sister Shaikha Shamsa. A representative of Princess Haya had received the agreed amount in one of the Western capitals.

Anita Mathur, an analyst on Asian affairs is the Special Correspondent of Blitz

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