A spherical flying object was seen in the sky over Kiev

A spherical flying object was seen in the sky over Kiev. This was reported on Tuesday, February 14, by the Ukrainian edition of Strana.ua.

“Kyiv publics write about an unknown flying object in the sky above the capital in the form of a ball,” the media’s Telegram channel says.

Earlier in the day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) recorded the appearance of balloons over the territory of the country. As the representative of the command Yuri Ignat noted, we are talking about balls with corner reflectors. According to him, similar air targets were observed on February 12 over the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Prior to this, resonant reports of flying objects came from the United States and Canada.

So, on February 10, the US military spotted a balloon in the airspace over Alaska, after which they shot it down. The next day, an unidentified object was spotted in the skies over Canada. The device was shot down with the participation of US military personnel. The wreckage of the apparatus was seized for further study.

On February 12, the Pentagon spotted an unidentified object over the waters of Lake Huron. After that, the military eliminated him. At the same time, CNN reported, citing sources, that the first missile that the US F-16 fighter fired at an unidentified air object did not hit the target.

Before that, on February 3, a huge balloon was seen in the sky over the United States. The Pentagon then stated that this was a Chinese intelligence apparatus that did not pose a threat to the security and national interests of the state. However, the ball was decided to bring down. After that, the defense department said that the device was used to collect intelligence.

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