A woman died in a fire in a garden house in Udmurtia

The Investigative Committee is conducting an investigation into the death of a woman in a fire in Udmurtia. The cause of the fire was careless smoking.

The fire occurred in SNT “October” on the territory of the Zavyalovsky district. It is assumed that the woman smoked while intoxicated, which caused the fire. This is reported Udm-info.ru.

Investigators have appointed a forensic medical and fire-technical examination, a survey of eyewitnesses and relatives of the deceased is underway.

Another fire broke out in a five-story building on Dzerzhinsky Street in Izhevsk. The owner of the apartment lit a candle on Forgiveness Sunday; instead of a candlestick, she used a jar lid. The candle fell, the fire spread to newspapers and magazines, damaged furniture and other property. “Susanin”.

Residents of the republic are reminded of the need to be careful when handling open flames, blowtorches and other flammable items. Also, do not smoke in bed.

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