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Abhigya Anand scam racket comes up with newer false claim

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Abhigya Anand scam racket comes up with newer false claim


For the past two and half years, an Indian kid named Abhigya Anand and his so-called astrology drew attention of the media in his country and abroad, where this boy allegedly predicted a lot about COVID-19 and the subsequent pandemic – mutant coronavirus. Although people have been showing interest in Abhigya Anand and his so-called prophecy, most of the people possibly are still unaware of the fact that his parents, especially his father Anand Ramasubramanian have been making frantic bids in somehow establishing their son as a “super kid” – and even as a spiritually-powered child – in other words, a kid godman.

Back in 2020, Abhigya Anand resurfaced in the media circuit with news captions claiming he “precisely” had made a forecast (astrology) on the COVID-19. Most of the newspapers in India as well as few foreign media had covered this news, without digging into the fact.

A close look at the Facebook page of Abhigya Anand clearly proves – he had never made any forecast on coronavirus pandemic. Rather his “prophecy” on the death toll in India was repeatedly absolutely wrong.

Abhigya Anand, kid member of a scam racket

There have been many theories around where the pandemic began, some more believable than others, and countless researchers around the world studying its origin. Whatever the reason, the truth is that the virus has wreaked havoc across practically all countries with few able to prepare adequately for the impact of COVID-19.


In India, however, a story has emerged of what people were claiming is one of the youngest astrologers in the world, who predicted the pandemic in a video that was published in August 2019. The video went viral across various social media networks as he announced a “severe danger to the world” would happen “between November 2019 and April 2020”.

But in reality, the father of Abhigya Anand – an IT specialist is the man who had uploaded astrology contents of Abhigya only during the middle of 2020 dating it back into November 2019 on YouTube when cases of coronavirus were already showing up in China. So, what people are thinking of the “prophecy” of Abhigya’s astrology or his prediction from the blue was actually nothing of anything special. His father had used the child in making video content and then it was uploaded on YouTube in 2020 giving the date to November 2019.


According to Abhigya’s YouTube astrology predictions, another outbreak was supposed to hit around 20 December 2020 and it was to be more extreme, with other disasters, lasting through until March 2021. But on his Facebook page, he has made another prediction stating coronavirus will be lasting until 2025 – clearly proving, this kid has really nothing special.

In an email sent to the editor of Blitz, Abhigya Anand’s father Anand Ramasubramanian stating: “Abhigya is an internationally acclaimed Astrology researcher with many accurate predictions to his credit. His channel is watched by millions every month, and even more on other platforms. He has gained this reputation through sheer hard work, and not scavenging on other’s reputation and wealth as you do”.


Internationally acclaimed astrology researcher? Here Abhigya’s father Anand Ramasubramanian is referring to an “award” namely ‘Global Child Prodigy Award’ his son had received, which according to Blitz investigative report itself is fake and scandalous.

According to Blitz report, an Indian national named Prashant Kumar Pandey has been running a scandalous award selling venture under the garb of so-called ‘Global Child Prodigy Awards’ (GCPA). So far, the person behind this dubious venture has successfully managed to get famous individuals such as Oscar-winning music director A.R. Rehman, Novel laureate Dr. Kailash Satyarthi, Indian civil bureaucrat Dr. Kiran Bedi as well as members of the UAE royal family at the award-giving ceremony and later has been selling their names through the website of GCPA with the ulterior motive of influencing the probably award-seekers.


According to the website of GCPA, it claims to have offices in Dubai, UAE, and Karnataka, India. The Dubai address of GCPA is #2111, Churchill Executive Tower, Business Bay, P.O. Box: 115417, Dubai, UAE; while its Indian office is at 1st Floor, #7 A VS Compound, Koramangala, 6 Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560034. But in reality, there is no such office of GCPA in Dubai or India. When an undercover investigative reporter of Blitz called +91-9710819518 and spoke to Prashant Kumar Pandey, he said, their Dubai and Karnataka offices were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Abhigya Anand’s parents have been using various news outlets in spreading false information centering their son. It happened even when this mysterious child was expelled from the New Horizon Gurukul School in 2010.


At that time, Abhigya’s mother Annu told the Bangalore Mirror, “We are scared to send him to any other school. We have been inquiring about good schools in the locality and teaching our son at home”.

Responding to allegations brought by Abhigya Anand’s parents, principal of New Horizon Gurukul School, PS Khot said, “That boy [Abhigya Anand] is good and I think his parents have some problem”.


Indeed! Abhigya Anand’s parents have been making numerous attempts of promoting their son as an astrologer, a fortuneteller and a kid godman with the nefarious goal of making millions by using this kid.

When a reporter of Blitz contacted Prashant Kumar Pandey asking about his ‘Global Child Prodigy Awards’, he clearly hinted that the “award” is given in exchange for donation to his organization. Meaning, Abhigya Anand’s family had purchased this fake and scandalous award with the ulterior motive of somehow establishing Abhigya as an “internationally acclaimed astrology researcher”.


But this scam racket seems to be restless. Father of this fake godman, Anand Ramasubramanian in his email sent to the editor of Blitz has made an outrageous comment by branding the internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist as “Mr. Mossad”, which refers to Blitz editor’s decades of support for the State of Israel and Jews. It may be mentioned here that, back in 2003, an Islamist-jihadist nexus of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) brought false charges of sedition, treason and blasphemy against the Blitz editor for “crimes” of confronting radical Islam and jihad; for denouncing anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial; for defending the Jewish State; and for advocating interfaith harmony. BNP-Jamaat coalition government had false branded the Blitz editor as “Mossad spy”, which is now echoed by Abhigya Anand’s father Anand Ramasubramanian.


It may also be mentioned here that, Blitz published series of reports exposing Abhigya Anand back in 2020. Subsequently his father tried to protest these news items by leaving comments beneath the reports published on our online edition. Now after almost two and half years, Anand Ramasubramanian has re-emerged with an outrageous email, threatening the editor and Blitz of legal consequences and echoing the false allegations brought by Islamists and jihadists terming the editor as “Mr. Mossad”.

Indian authorities need to immediately initiate investigations into the case of scammer Anand Ramasubramanian, who has been making foul bids of falsely establishing his son Abhigya Anand as an astrologer and even as a kid godman. Anand Ramasubramanian should be arrested immediately!

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Tajul Islam is a Special Correspondent of Blitz.

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