After 19 years, a great coincidence is being made for the devotees of Shiva, Sawan will be of two months, eight Mondays


The month of Sawan is very dear to Lord Bhole. During this fair is held in different areas of the country including Bihar. Where a huge crowd of devotees throngs. Devotees reach Shiv Shankar’s temples from far and wide in the month of Sawan to perform Jalabhishek of Baba. Whereas this year Sawan will be of two months and there will be eight Mondays. This is happening because of Malmas. This time Malmas is falling in the month of Sawan, so instead of 30, this time there will be 59 days of Sawan. Such a great coincidence is happening after 19 years. This time there will be Malmas from 18th July to 16th August, due to Sawan for two months, this time Kanwariyas and devotees will perform Jalabhishek of Bhole Nath on all eight Mondays.

Sawan from July 4

This year the auspicious month of Sawan is starting from 4th July. The first Monday is on 10th July. So there the end of Sawan will be on 31st August. This year, the rare Manikanchan Yoga is also being observed in Sawan. Which is being called auspicious. This time the festival of Rakshabandhan will also be celebrated on 30th August in Sawan.

Jalabhishek on eight Mondays

Priest of Garibnath Temple Pt. Vinay Pathak said that this time on all eight Mondays, Kanwariyas and devotees will perform Jalabhishek. The importance of any kind of worship increases further in Malmas. For this reason, worship will be done on all the eight Mondays of Sawan and Bhole Baba’s great decoration will also be done. This coincidence has happened after many years, there will be special importance of worshiping Lord Shiva in the holy month for two months. There will be special preparations for the entire Sawan Jalabhishek in the temple.

first monday 10 july

Second Monday July 17

Third Monday 24 July

Fourth Monday 31 July

fifth monday 7 august

Sixth Monday 14 August

Seventh Monday August 21

eighth monday 28 august

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