AGORA LECTURES | About the Chernobyl catastrophe, told by a resident of Pripeat


The speaker of the event will be Zinaida Gurscaia, a former resident of Pripeat and the editor of the local newspaper during the catastrophe. She will tell us about the accident at the nuclear plant through the lens of her own experience.

Zinaida Gurscaia


Entry to the event is limited to available seats. To make sure we can offer you a place, please register on this link. Entry to the event is free, however, the recommended contribution is 50 lei. The money collected will constitute the lecturer’s honorarium. Other details about the second edition of AGORA Lectures can be found on event page on Facebook.

For those who want to participate in the event, but do not have the opportunity to be physically present, we have made a partnership with Privesc.Eu. Thus, “AGORA Lectures: About Chernobyl from the first source” will be able to be watched live on this link.

What is AGORA Lectures?

AGORA Lectures is a project through which we want to discuss informally, relaxedly and in an understandable way all important topics: history, philosophy, geopolitics, psychology, etc.


p class=”mb-8 px-6 md:px-0 font-bitter text-s17-l170 md:text-s18-l170 text-c121212″>The purpose of AGORA Lectures is to bring experts from fields of interest to the AGORA community to explain the topics addressed, so that they appear on the public agenda, thanks to our events.

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