Agra: Smokers caught hiding in the train, campaigned and collected heavy fines


Agra : If you are fond of smoking. If you smoke hiding in the train bathroom or a coach or spread dirt in the train, then this news is useful for you. Railway department in Agra is taking strict action against such people. Due to which the railway department is also getting an income of lakhs of rupees.

The officers of Agra Railway, along with the special squad, have caught 90 such passengers, who were hiding in the bathroom and smoking beedi-cigarettes, by conducting an investigation campaign in the trains. The railway department collected a fine of Rs 57,780 from these people. Those who have been fined by the Railways include illegal vendors and passengers who litter.

Campaign under the leadership of Railway Manager of Agra Division

In fact, under the leadership of Railway Manager of Agra Division, Anand Swaroop, action was taken against people who smoke, spread dirt and do illegal vending in the train on Thursday. Railway Manager Anand Swaroop conducted investigations at Agra Cantt, Dhaulpur, Mathura and Faridabad stations. In which the special squad caught 27 illegal vendors, who were selling food items in trains without license. Along with this, the railways has also charged hefty fines from those people who smoke beedi-cigarettes hiding in the bathroom and littering the train everywhere.

Stampede during operation

When the GRP team reached to investigate in the train, people were taken out by knocking on the door of the bathroom, during which they were smoking inside. When the GRP caught them, these people started apologizing to the officials and asked them to leave. But the team did not listen and these people had to pay the fine.

While some passengers were traveling without tickets in the train, they also tried to hide in toilets or ladies coaches to escape from the team. Some talked about getting into the coach in a hurry, while some made the excuse of sleep. But the fine was recovered from all the people by the team. Commercial Manager of Agra Railway Division, Prashasti Srivastava said that a fine of Rs 10 lakh has been collected from 1600 unauthorized passengers from stations other than Agra.

Report- Raghavendra, Agra

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLG9wF9fVcY) Smokers caught hiding in the train

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