Agra’s rail over bridge and Rui Mandi double gate will remain closed for 35 days, see traffic plan before leaving home


Agra. In UP’s Agra, the Kheria Mod rail overbridge and Rui Ki Mandi double gate are being closed from Thursday for about 35 days. This is being done because the railway overbridge between Kheria Airport Ajit Nagar Gate and Idgah Bus Stand will be repaired. Its work will start from May 18.

traffic diversion

– All small vehicles (two wheelers, four wheelers, three wheelers) coming from Malpura and Kheria turn towards Idgah square will go from Kheria turn tri-junction to Arjun Nagar tri-junction to Barakhamba gate, Chhaua Nagla gate to their destination from Idgah intersection.

– All types of small vehicles going towards Malpura from Idgah Square via Kheria Mor Tiraha will go to Idgah, Chhaua Nagla Gate, Barakhamba Gate via Arjun Nagar Kheria Mor to their destination.

Due to the narrow road, the movement of heavy vehicles will be restricted from Idgah Square, Shahganj Rui Ki Mandi Double Gate, Barah Khambha Gate, Arjun Nagar Tiraha, Kheria Mod Tiraha.

– After opening of no entry, all heavy vehicles (truck, bus, tanker, trailer, DCM etc.) from Malpura, Kheria Mod, from Idgah intersection to Rohta canal intersection, Madhu Nagar intersection from Malpura canal intersection to Rohta canal intersection, Madhu Nagar intersection They will go to their destination via club intersection.

– After opening of no anti, all types of heavy vehicles coming from Idgah Square to Kheria Mor, Malpura and Club Square, Madhu Nagar Square to Rohta Canal Square to Malpura Canal Square will go to their destination.

– Roadways and tourist buses will go from Malpura canal intersection to Rohta canal intersection to Madhu Nagar, club intersection until the repair work of Kheria railway over bridge is completed.

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Similarly, roadways and tourist buses will go from Idgah Square to Club Square, Madhu Nagar Square, Malpura Canal Square till the repair work of Kheria Railway Over Bridge is completed.

  • All types of vehicles going from Rui Ki Mandi Chauraha towards Shahganj Double Gate will go towards their destination via Rui Ki Mandi Chauraha towards Tehsil Chauraha.

School vehicles will be made to travel through the route of light vehicles (Idgah Square to Chhaua Nagla Gate to Barakhamba Gate to Arjun Nagar Tiraha) via Kheria turn.

Additional Commissioner of Police Traffic said that during the work on the overbridge, the movement of all vehicles will be completely restricted.

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