Agriculture News: Prices of agricultural machinery reduced by up to 8000 in Bihar, know how much it will cost now


Patna. The unit cost of rice mill electric motor driven 3 HP machine was fixed by the agriculture department last year at Rs 50 thousand. While the Karnataka Agriculture Department has fixed its price at Rs 42,700 and the West Bengal Agriculture Department has fixed its price at Rs 48,000. The price of this instrument in Bihar was 73 hundred rupees more than in Karnataka and two thousand rupees more than in West Bengal. Changes have been made after the matter came before the Unit Cost Committee of the Agriculture Department.

Unit cost of three HP machine fixed at Rs 42 thousand

Now the unit cost of rice mill electric motor driven 3 HP machine has been fixed at Rs 42 thousand. Up to 50 percent subsidy will also be given in this. Compared to last year, this year the price of this device has been fixed eight thousand rupees less. It has been told in the report of the Cost Committee that due to the increase in the number of manufacturers of agricultural machinery, the competition in the market has increased. Due to which, the market rate of instruments has come down. The cost of this machine has been fixed at 52 thousand by the Tamil Nadu Agriculture Department.

The price of chaff cutters has also been reduced.

The price of chaff cutters has also been reduced this year. The price of stationary engine driven chaff cutter-2 was fixed at Rs 30,000 last year. Now it has been reduced to 30 thousand. At the same time, the price of chaff cutter engine-electric motor has now been fixed from 44 thousand to 36 thousand rupees.

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Only one company listed in animal repellent

The same company was listed for many years in the equipment to drive animals from the fields. Whereas, now many products have come in the market similar to that equipment of the company. In view of this, the Cost Unit Committee has recommended to keep the animal repellent device in the plan instead of the bioacoustic equipment included earlier.

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