Ahmedabad: Patient’s relatives cheated 59.50 lakhs with a famous doctor


Many cases of cheating are coming to the fore in Ahmedabad city. Be it the purchase of land or gold and silver jewellery, cases of fraud are coming to the fore in the city. A complaint has been lodged at the satellite police station that the relatives of the patient have cheated a renowned doctor of Rs 59.50 lakh in the satellite area of ​​the city. After the absconding of the three accused in this robbery case, the police formed separate teams and started searching for the accused.

Fraud of 59.50 lakhs

According to the details received, Dr. Bansilal Sabu, resident of Satellite, Ahmedabad, has filed a complaint of fraud of Rs 59.50 lakh by Shantilal Soni’s son Bharat Soni, Kirti Soni and daughter-in-law Manisha Soni on the pretext of getting hallmarked on gold biscuits. According to the police complaint, accused Bharat Soni and Kirti Soni had a gold-silver shop named German Silver Mark in Manekchowk. From whom Dr. Bansilal Sabu wanted to buy gold, Bharat discussed with Soni.

ran away with biscuits on the pretext of putting hallmark

Shantilal, the father of accused Bharat Soni, was undergoing treatment at Dr. Bansilal’s clinic. The Soni family earned money by selling 10 biscuits of one kilo of gold to a doctor and absconded by taking back the biscuits on the pretext of putting a hallmark on the gold biscuits. Police has started investigation after the accused Bharat Soni is suspected to have fled to Dubai. CCTV footage of the accused in the case of cheating with the doctor by the Soni family has also come to the fore. At present, all the three accused of cheating are absconding, police have formed separate teams and started searching for the accused.

This family gave 10 biscuits to the doctor

Soni had taken Rs 59.50 lakh in the form of gold from Dr. Bansilal Sabu. This family had given 10 biscuits to the doctor, since there was no hallmark on the gold, so Dr. Bansilal Sabu asked for hallmarked gold, then Bunty Babli and others took all this gold and neither a kilo of gold nor 60 lakhs to return instead threatened. Therefore, when the doctor lodged a complaint with the satellite police station, the police registered an offense of treachery and cheating and started searching for the three accused.

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