Ahmedabad: State’s first virtual traffic court started in Ahmedabad, court will send memo if fine is not paid in 90 days


Be careful before breaking the traffic rules. Now Virtual Traffic Court has been started for entire Gujarat. If the fine amount of e-memo is not paid within three months, automatically a memo will be sent from the traffic court. One Nation One Challan Project has been successfully integrated with Traffic Police and RTO challans in Ahmedabad city. In which information will be given through SMS on the mobile number of the vehicle owner. Gujarat’s first Virtual Traffic Court has started from today at the Metro Court in Ahmedabad.

Around 6500 CCTV cameras were installed

The traffic problem in Ahmedabad is getting serious day by day. Police is also active in making people follow the traffic rules. Earlier e-memos were sent to only 3 traffic rule breakers in the city, now e-memos will be sent door-to-door to 16 traffic rule breakers in Ahmedabad city. For this, around 6500 CCTV cameras have been installed at 130 traffic signals in the city.

Be careful with the number plate

In Ahmedabad city, rickshaws will have more passengers than usual, rickshaws will have passengers sitting on the driver’s seat, drive in BRTS corridors, black glass or dark film in four wheelers, if you are talking on mobile phone while driving Yes, the e-memo will be delivered to your home. Apart from this, e-memo will also be sent to the vehicles which have number plates other than HSRP.

Be careful before parking in no parking zone

If more than 2 people are riding on a two-wheeler in the city, an e-memo will come if there is no speed limit. E-memo will be issued to the drivers who park vehicles indiscriminately on the road and in the no-parking zone. If the driver is not wearing a seat belt in a four-wheeler and a bike rider is not wearing a helmet, then an e-memo will come. In the city, the speed of vehicles will be more than the rules, if caught driving in the wrong direction, an e-memo will come.

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