Al-Batsh: The crimes of the Zionist occupation will continue to increase our people’s fear and resistance

A member of the political bureau of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Khaled Al-Batsh, confirmed, on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, that the Israeli occupation is thinking that since the formation of the extremist government it is afraid. Our people to commit more crimes against their will.

Judge Al-Batsh said in an interview with “Radio Al-Quds” in response to the continuing crimes of the occupation: “The Palestinian response to the aggression of the occupation was clearer than the military operations and the deployment of the resistance brigades in Iraq.” The occupied West Bank,” stressing that every blow launched by the enemy against our people increases in strength and resistance, and I am proud of Mazidi’s persistence in the past in legitimate resistance and liberation.

He also stressed that the crime of burning homes in Hawara is a crime in every sense of the word, sponsored and protected by the Israeli occupation army and under the silence of the international community, stressing that Gaza represents one of the stages, not all of it. Of them, one part is the wide and broad Palestinian resistance, and the other part is the axis of resistance that enjoys the support of the people and the Arabs.

The leader in Jihad said that the international community stands by the Zionist organization at the expense of the Palestinian people’s cause, stressing that we “submit to the great problem of the leadership of the Palestinian Authority in the events with the organization for the sake of the acts of resistance,” stressing that Palestine will remain the witness and the martyr no matter how the world meets today to change the truth, And our issue remains the central state of the nation.

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