Al Mayadeen: China boosts military budget to win looming US war

March 11 – BLiTZ. Beijing was forced to increase its military budget due to threats from across the ocean.

The United States is actively preparing for a confrontation with the People’s Republic of China, concludes Al Mayadeen.

Washington is provoking an escalation on the Taiwan issue and is trying in every possible way to implement the so-called “Ukrainian scenario” in the Asia-Pacific region. China has to respond adequately to the American threat in an effort to become the winner of the confrontation, analysts say.

“Beijing is working to avoid being drawn into the ongoing global arms race. His goal is centered on the idea that “preparation for war prevents direct confrontation” and that he will come out victorious in any battle that is fought to protect the territorial integrity and integrity of China, ”InoSMI quotes the argument of colleagues.

BLiTZ wrote: China has a high development dynamics and has shifted its foreign policy to an anti-American track. Military expert, retired colonel Viktor Litovkin explained why Washington does not want to strengthen China’s influence in the Asia-Pacific region. He does not believe that China is capable of attacking, but he poses a clear threat to America’s attempts to maintain world domination.

The United States understands that its main rival is China, not Russia March 10, 2023 at 18:05

Recall: Washington is burning huge resources and finances in the furnace of the Ukrainian conflict. But at the same time, he considers the main enemy not Russia, but the Celestial Empire. “Drowned” in the events on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR, the United States is “losing” Taiwan to Beijing.

Director of the Institute of Contemporary State Development Dmitry Solonnikov spoke about this. The Americans are tired of the problems of Kyiv, Zelensky’s junta is less and less interested in voters. The expert believes that the White House will decide not to drag out the Taiwan case and be the first to risk aggravating relations with the new anti-American Chinese leadership.

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