Al Qaeda calls for attacking Israel’s Western allies


Amidst growing tensions in the Middle East, a Hamas official reportedly disclosed to the Lebanese Al-Jumhuriya daily on October 13, 2023, that Iran had supplied long-range missiles to unspecified locations, potentially for targeting Israel. The possibility of a wider conflict involving Hezbollah was also raised, with the elite Radwan Unit purportedly poised for action in northern Israel upon the directive of Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah.

Earlier reports from Al-Jaridah suggested that advanced Iranian weapons had been delivered to Hezbollah, with Russia and Iran allegedly striking a deal for the transfer of older weaponry to certain groups in Syria and even to Russia for deployment in the Ukrainian conflict. Syrian opposition sources also indicated a bolstering of positions near the Israeli border with fighters armed with Iranian weapons, including missiles.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Al-Qaeda’s official media outlet, Al-Sahab, released a statement glorifying the October 7 Hamas attack as a pivotal moment in the history of jihad. The statement, titled “Verily, Allah’s Succor Is Always Near,” called for attacks on countries that have normalized relations with Israel and urged jihadis to target US bases, airports, and embassies in the Islamic world. It emphasized unity among Palestinian factions and support for their cause while condemning the West’s backing of Israel.

Al-Qaeda’s statement urged Muslims globally to join the struggle, framing it as a crucial step toward the liberation of Palestine. It exhorted Islamic nations to provide material and moral support to Palestinians and called for a boycott of everything Western and Jewish. The statement further called on people from Sinai, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon to unite with the Palestinians in the battle for Al-Aqsa Mosque, warning against betrayal of Gaza.

In a provocative call to action, Al-Qaeda urged attacks on Israel’s Western allies, particularly the United States, emphasizing the need to disrupt the supply of ammunition to Israel. The statement called on jihadists across various regions to target American bases, airports, and embassies, as well as Crusader battleships sailing in Muslim seas.

These developments underscore the gravity of the situation, with potential implications for regional stability and global security. The growing collaboration between Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah, along with the incitement by Al Qaeda, raises concerns about the escalation of conflict and the safety of civilians in the region. It emphasizes the urgent need for international diplomacy and coordinated efforts to prevent further violence and promote peace in the Middle East.

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Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam is a Special Correspondent of Blitz.

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