Alan Bragg has been lying about his personal life


Manhattan District Attorney Alan Bragg has been lying about his childhood and lots of things related to his personal life. A new report in the Daily Mail has revealed shocking details about Alan Bragg’s falsehood.

According to the report, while Alan Braggs has been claiming to have been “raised in dangerous Harlem hood”, in reality he grew up in a US$2 million brownstone and attended elite private school.

Bragg has put himself front and center in the headlines in recent days because he is trying to convince a grand jury to indict Donald Trump. Alan Bragg apparently is trying to make a crime out of the situation that involved a payment to a porn star many years ago in return for not talking about an alleged affair, although porn star Stormy Daniels has in writing stated in 208 that she had no affair with Donald Trump or any sort of relationship.

The Daily Mail report explains Bragg “regularly gives speeches about his childhood, recalling that cops and civilians pointed guns at him a half dozen times, and says it’s his hardships growing up in Harlem that make him the right man for the moment”.

But he actually, the report said, “enjoyed quite a cushy existence, and should stop distorting his past to justify reforms that would keep all but the most serious felons out of jail”.

Alan Bragg grew up in Harlem, on “one of the safest blocks around, an upper middle-class enclave of brownstones known as Strivers Row”. Further, he commuted during his childhood to the elite Trinity School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side”.

The report noted those are “details he conveniently leaves out when he makes his case”.

Commenting on Alan Bragg, one insider told the Daily Mail that, “He’s made his biography his moral compass, making it seem like there’s something magic about his life story that gives him the wisdom to establish policies that affect over one million people. I’m not saying he hasn’t experienced racism, but there’s lots of privilege he leaves out of his story”.

Earlier, while a student at Harvard, he admitted his privilege, the report said.

An unidentified detective told the Daily Mail, “He keeps throwing up Harlem, Harlem, Harlem, but he went to the best schools with a silver spoon in his mouth. When you’re privileged like he is, you don’t go through the troubles that the average kids go through in an urban neighborhood”.

As a confirmed far-left activist whose campaign was funded by an extremist, George Soros, he raised concerns when he took office for his promise to stop prosecuting many crimes.

At the time, he claimed, “Growing up in Harlem in the 1980s, I saw every side of the criminal justice system from a young age. Before I was 21 years old, I had a gun pointed at me six times: three by police officers and three by people who were not police officers. I had a knife to my neck, a semi-automatic gun to my head and a homicide victim on my doorstep”.

The Daily Mail said Bragg made his past a “central part” of his successful campaign.

But the report said he “barely mentioned the fact he didn’t have to attend public school or hang out in the projects. Waking up on Strivers Row, he commuted out of Harlem to the now US$57,000-a-year Trinity School on West 91st Street, where children have less a chance gaining admission than getting into Harvard. He currently sends his two children to the private school, where legacy students have a decidedly upper hand”.

Striver’s Row, the report said, was featured in “Jungle Fever”, and was “a historic haven for upper-middle-class black professional households”.

Alan Bragg’s father worked for the New York Urban League and his mother was a dean at Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Newsweek in a report said, Bragg blamed Trump for the issues in his grand jury work that apparently have become obstacles to an indictment, since that work now has been delayed until at least next week.

It explained that in response to a congressional inquiry about what he was doing, he told members of Congress, “Your letter dated March 20, 2023, (the ‘Letter’), … is an unprecedented inquiry into a pending local prosecution. The letter only came after Donald Trump created a false expectation that he would be arrested the next day and his lawyers reportedly urged you to intervene. Neither fact is a legitimate basis for congressional inquiry”.

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