Aligarh: Relatives created ruckus over the death of the innocent, accused the hospital and the doctor of negligence, demanded action


UP : The doctor of a private hospital in Aligarh has been accused of gross negligence. An innocent child lost his life in Shekhar Saraf Memorial Hospital located on Agra Road. The relatives have accused the doctor of not reaching on time and not treating him. The victim’s family created a ruckus in the hospital after the incident and lodged a complaint against the concerned hospital and the doctor in the CMO and police station Sasni Gate.

Jitendra Kumar had admitted his one-month-old child to the hospital on May 31 at Shekhar Saraf Hospital, a prestigious hospital located on Agra Road. Whose treatment was being done by Pediatric Dr. Sanjeev Kumar. The child’s health had already recovered to a great extent. On the other hand, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar asked the child to be discharged on June 7 without examination.

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Child died due to not getting treatment at the right time

After 5 hours of discharge from the hospital, the child was re-admitted to Shekhar Sharraf Hospital. On the 9th, Dr. Sanjeev asked to be discharged again. At the same time, due to the careless staff and doctor, a one-month-old child lost his life. It was told late on Friday night that your child is not breathing. The doctor’s arrival time was 10:00 pm, who comes to the hospital at 11:30 am. The family alleges that the innocent child died due to not getting treatment at the right time.

The victim’s relatives accused the hospital management of negligence

Jitendra Kumar, the father of the deceased told that the health of the child was fine in the afternoon and the doctor had asked to send him home in the evening. When called at 8 in the evening, the child’s breathing had stopped. They were giving oxygen through the pipe and after sending the family members out, they put them on ventilators. At the same time, the hospital staff told that the doctor is coming in 15 minutes. While waiting for the doctor, it was 11:30 pm. The relatives of the victim have accused the hospital management of negligence. Do not see patients from time to time. Relatives are also not allowed to meet the patient. Money is collected before the patient. No doctor is available after 6 pm. Relatives told that only high, school inter pass nurses are there. Those who play with the lives of children. The victim’s family was forbidden from exposing the shortcomings of the hospital. At the same time, the victim’s family has demanded action against the hospital and the doctor by giving a complaint letter to the CMO and police station Sasni Gate.

Report: Alok Aligarh

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