Amazing: These are some of the world’s most ‘expensive’ schools, fees are not in thousands-lakhs but in crores


In India, the government is privatizing education and parents are struggling to pay the expensive fees in private schools, which are considered a status symbol for many. These expensive private schools are not only in India. There are such schools in other countries too, where children of rich people from all over the world are studying. Information about the fees charged by such schools is being given here. These are the schools where the common man cannot even dream of teaching children. The fees here are such that a common man’s house can run comfortably for many years.

These are the most expensive schools in the world

Let us tell you that Britain’s Eglon College is named in the list of the most expensive school in the world. Established in 1949 by British architect John C Carlett, 422 children from 65 countries are studying in this school. The annual fee for studying here is 1.20 lakh dollars i.e. 98 lakh rupees. Le Rosey Institute of Switzerland is also included in the world’s most expensive schools. This school was founded in 1880 by Paul Emile Colon. The annual fee of this school goes up to 1.25 lakh francs i.e. 1.12 crore rupees.

Know about these schools too..!

After this another expensive school is Dat School Alpin Beau Soleil also located in Switzerland. This is a boarding school. Which was established in 1910. Children from rich families also come here to study. Only 250 children between the ages of 11 and 18 are admitted to the school each year. The annual fee is Rs 1.30 crore. The cost of school uniform for children is five lakh rupees. Apart from this, St. George’s International School of Switzerland is one of the most expensive schools in the world. It started in 1927. 400 students from 60 countries study here. Whose annual fee is 96 lakh rupees. Apart from this, the entrance fee is charged separately.

another expensive school

The Leysin American School is also located in Switzerland. The rule of this school is that every child studying in the school should have at least eight lakh rupees in their bank account. In this school education is imparted in English language. 350 children study here. The School is located Alpine Resort Village. Whose natural beauty fascinates anyone. The annual fee of the school is Rs 96 lakh.

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