Ambitious Narendra Modi wants India to emerge as a ‘super power’

David N. Robinson

In just concluded general elections in India, world’s largest democracy, Narendra Modi, the icon of radical Hindutva is returning to power by an astonishing margin, which went beyond predictions and expectations of everyone. This result has left Modi’s political opponents gutted. This election has clearly proved, majority of Indians are no more interested in secularism or political civility. Instead, all they want is hooliganism of the radical Hindutva thus terrifying the non-Hindus as well as the neighboring nations of India. Narendra Modi has already expressed his wild ambition of letting India emerge as a ‘super power’. Of course, Indian politicians are in fear seeing the growing increase in Chinese influence in South Asia. For example, a country like Nepal, which had been traditionally loyal towards India, has already revolted and formed a strong alliance of multi-level cooperation with China. On the other hand, Bangladesh, the fastest growing economy in South Asia, under the magnanimous leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already walked out of India’s vicious influence and unwarranted big brotherly tendency as well as rotten diplomacy of deception and has been gradually strengthening relations with China. In Bangladesh, China is investing lavishly, which is not possible for a poor and poverty-stricken country like India. Modi misses the point that during his last five year’s tenure, only thing he could deliver to Indian people is unemployment, bad economy and extreme frustration.

Following the election result, a sizable chunk of India that voted against Mr. Modi’s party or their radical Hindu ideology, are seeing see India as increasingly divided along caste and religious fault lines and their concern is that an emboldened Mr. Modi will send India farther down the path of becoming a religious Hindu state, which could be dangerous for minorities.

After this election victory, leaders and supporters of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and their political partners Shiv Sena and Rastriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS) are repeatedly signaling of turning India into the land of slaughter of non-Hindus. They also are advocating stern action against any of the South Asian nations which would go out of Indian influence and form alliance with China and United Stated – more precisely China.

During election campaign, Amit Shah, the main architect of BJP’s rise and electoral success had openly pronounced the illegal Muslim immigrants as termites. So most possibly, now BJP and its political partners will go for a massive action against over four million Muslim migrants and repeat a massacre. Leaders of BJP consider Subhas Chandra Bose, a leader of India’s liberation war and an ally of Adolph Hitler and his notorious Nazi forces as their idol. Now the same set of BJP-RSS radical Hindus are seeing ‘another Subhas’ in Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi has received an unprecedented mandate despite the poor economic record and social disharmony just because, he promotes radical Hindutva, and now there is no room to doubt – majority of the Indian populace are in favor of radical Hindutva or Hindu Yudh (Hindu War) against the non-Hindus.

But, what will happen if Narendra Modi does not give nod to his radical Hindu partymen and supporters in beginning a crusade against the non-Hindus? Will it result in a split within BJP or even the Indian societies?

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