America being hijacked by socialists, Islamists and frauds

Never in the history of American democracy, had anyone ever witnessed such a broad-day-light vote robbery, as the world is now seeing. Joe Biden and his Democratic Party cronies, with the direct help of the enemies of America, corrupt media and rogue individuals in the civil and intelligence bureaucracy did not feel shy in stealing the election result from President Donald Trump. We know, Biden, Harris and their Democratic Party members are fully committed to their patrons and masters in doing everything within their capacities for the next four years – if not eternally, in cowing-down American dignity and pride under the shoes of communist and Islamists.

For President Trump and the patriotic Americans, it is impossible to concede defeat to those vote thieves and let their country enter an era of darkness, uncertainty and possibly – an unimaginable fate where Americans can no more feel proud to be a great nation. The precious pride of greatness will be snatched-away from the Americans with the active participation of the rogue Democrats.

America has had the most farcical election in history; the level of rigging in this election has surpassed that of the farcical elections held by Erdogan or dictators in Africa. With Joe Biden as President, America will lose the right to observe and comment on the democratic status of other nations.

For the first time in history America,  Democrats may use political power to intimidate and suppress Trump supporters. Soon after the results of these polls are declared, Democrat supporters and their patrons in the administration will possibly go for a crackdown on Republican supporters throughout the US, exactly like how it happens in Turkey under Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

This is a crucial juncture for America’s democracy, and President Trump can still save America. President Trump should immediately identify and arrest everyone involved in this vote-rigging. If necessary, he should not hesitate to take action against even Joe Biden or other top Democrat leaders involved in this. The only way out of this deeply concerning situation for the US is by holding a re-election before this Christmas.

If the efforts to install Biden in the White House, no matter what the vote count really is, fail, then there will be riots. The numerous boarded-up businesses in major cities testify to their likelihood. For all too many on the Left, it seems as if the choice America faces today is Biden or Blood.

That recalls another presidential election in America’s distant past, when the Republican governor of Ohio, Rutherford B. Hayes, ran against the Democratic Governor of New York, Samuel J. Tilden. As Rating America’s Presidents notes, Tilden was the Democrats’ third straight candidate from New York (and General George B. McClellan, their 1864 standard-bearer, was from New Jersey). With the South largely in their camp even during Reconstruction, the Democrats knew that it was the North they had to win to regain the White House. And while the Republicans “waved the bloody shirt,” as they had in 1868 and 1872—that is, accused the Democrats of responsibility for the Civil War—the Democrats had an effective comeback as the party of clean government fighting against what they characterized as the party of corruption.

Right now, every American must realize that this is not a Democrat vs Republican fight anymore. Instead, this has now become a fight between Joe Biden and America’s democracy. Even responsible Democrats must stand against this. Americans have elected their leaders ever since her Independence and has always been considered as a symbol of good democracy by the world.  For the first time in history, it is the world pointing fingers at America and laughing at the biggest joke in the name of an election. If Joe Biden succeeds in establishing this vote-rigging culture, then Americans will have to bid farewell to the world’s oldest democracy.

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