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American democracy at serious jeopardy


American democracy at serious jeopardy

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

If Joe Biden will win the Nevada state, he will secure just 270 electoral votes required for becoming the president. But on the other hand, once Donald Trump wins Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, where he currently is maintaining a substantial lead, then he will have 265 electoral votes. But, if Joe Biden finally loses Nevada, where until 5:59 am Bangladesh time, 75 percent of votes have been counted and Trump is just 7,587 votes behind, Trump will have 271 electoral votes. According to information, slightly over 200,000 votes are yet to be counted in Nevada, and the majority of the remaining votes are from Republican-dominated red areas. Meaning, Nevada can play a very decisive factor in the final result of the election. Although, there are whisper about vote fraud as it has happened in Wisconsin and Michigan, with hundreds and thousands of “ghost votes” suddenly getting added into Joe Biden’s favor. There is no doubt about the mystery behind the Democratic candidate’s sudden luck in Wisconsin and Michigan, while there already are series of allegations of various forms of violation of electoral codes, which is a serious offense as per the existing law of the United States. Should these allegations finally be proved in the courts, Joe Biden along with many of his party comrades will enter jails instead of the White House.

For the first time in the history of American elections, the people of the United States as well as the entire world have witnessed how political parties in the most powerful nation were playing foul with their democracy and democratic institutions. There even are allegations of American civil and intelligence bureaucracy playing a dubious role in favor of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. This may not actually be termed as an election. Instead, it can only be termed as ballot fraud.

Now the million-dollar questions are, can President Donald Trump fight this challenge posed by the evil forces or he will silently leave the White House? The reply though remains unanswered as to now, having knowledge about President Trump’s guts and strong personality, it is quite impossible that a man like him will simply bow-down to the conspirators and let a group of vote frauds rule America for the next four years.

Joe Biden and his Democratic cronies have pushed American democracy into serious jeopardy.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is an internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-jihadist journalist, counter-terrorism specialist and editor of Blitz

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