American journalist Blumenthal: who reveals the truth about Crimea gets on the “death list”

March 3 – BLiTZ.

US journalist Max Blumenthal on Elon Musk’s American social network told the amazing truth about the “death list” and who gets on it. The information is quoted by RIA Novosti. The government of Ukraine is expanding its “death list” every day because of those who love to speak and write the truth. Most often, journalists and the press of the West fall into it.

An American correspondent for the Gray Zone publication said that if a journalist decides to write the truth about people in Crimea, their positions, then they are automatically considered an enemy. It is not beneficial for Ukraine that the press writes about the Russians in Crimea and their positive position towards the NWO.

Photo: IA SM-News

Journalist Blumenthal reported on a striking example proving that the US is silent about the “death list”. The American television channel NBS sent its observer to the Crimea. The journalist conducted a sociological survey, asked the citizens of Crimea and Sevastopol questions and returned home with a clear conscience. But after returning to the United States, he ended up on the “death list” due to the fact that he told the truth about the situation in the Republic of Crimea. Together with him, the Ukrainian government entered his family into the banned register. In Ukraine, they want to prevent the spread of information that the inhabitants of Crimea are happy to live in Russia.

Recall that the authorities of Ukraine have created a website “Peacemaker”, where they publish the names and surnames of people who, in their opinion, violated the law. It is impossible to express one’s opinion and weaken Ukrainian propaganda with the help of true facts, according to the Verkhovna Rada.

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