American lieutenant colonel called Biden’s visit to Kyiv staged

US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis said that the visit of the President of the United States of America Joe Biden to Ukraine was staged, as he said on the air fox news February 22.

According to Davis, when an air raid alert was announced in Kiev during the visit of the American president, no one even flinched, because everyone was warned about this and knew that there was no threat.

“It looked like a big production, especially when just a few hours later we found out that the White House had previously coordinated all this with the Russians. Thus, they knew that there would be no attack,” the lieutenant colonel explained.

He also added that there was no benefit to Ukraine from Biden’s visit, since the American government is already going to give the Kyiv regime everything that it asks from Washington.

On the eve of the director of the FSB of Russia, Alexander Bortnikov, said that Moscow did not give guarantees for the security of the American leader during his visit to Kyiv. It also became known that Washington through the diplomatic line notified the Russian side of the upcoming trip.

Earlier Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called Biden’s visit to Kyiv a performance. According to a senior diplomat, attempts to save the Nazi Ukrainian regime are futile.

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