Americanist Vasiliev: Ukraine will decide the outcome of the US presidential election

March 14 – BLiTZ. The result of the US presidential election will be decided by Ukrainian events.

Vladimir Vasiliev, a Russian economist, political scientist and Americanist, is sure of this. The specialist believes that the current American authorities pay too much attention to the situation in the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR to the detriment of the opinion of ordinary citizens about the importance of the domestic agenda.

“The Biden administration, after the results of the midterm elections, apparently decided that it received some kind of mandate to continue acting. And this will bring her success. What do you mean by “next”? Yes, it is to conduct an election campaign in Ukraine. Here Biden will decide the outcome of the presidential elections in Ukraine. No sooner said than done. Biden, in essence, went after his speech in Congress. You need to understand, and he directly says about this, what else do you need: the leader of the West has arrived, moreover, almost under shelling. Here, the White House needs such a president, ”Vasiliev noted.

According to him, in fact, the reaction was, to put it mildly, cool.

“More than cool … And all this was superimposed on a man-made disaster in Ohio, which in this case conservative means have already tried to promote. This was a concrete, clear understanding that the administration cares more about whom it is not clear. Now, they are American citizens, and in the state of Ohio, who, in general, are not really taken care of. This is the first. Second, another worrying trend. This is the situation that Trump keeps saying that his job is to put America first. Biden’s job is to put America last. And so far, the Biden administration has been very successful in meeting this “set goal.” American voters, apparently, are already beginning to “scratch their turnips” and speak, but this is true. The way it is. Moreover, the administration does little in this direction to change something, ”stated the Americanist.


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