Americans agree with Putin’s statement about the immorality of the West

In the United States, they supported the statement of President Vladimir Putin about the serious moral and moral decline of the West, made by him during his message to the Federal Assembly. On Tuesday, February 21, the Americans shared their opinion on Twitter.

“Never thought I would agree with him,” wrote Angie.

“Yes, and this is a sad accusation against our corrupt government. I agree with Putin,” Deplorable Dane said.

“Putin is 100% right. Please note that no MSM source will show this, ”added Tim Bernes.

“He makes a lot of good points. It looks like we really have a “lid” if we continue to follow the intended path, ”supported Michael Jackson.

“Honestly, I would prefer Putin to Biden,” wrote Ann Walker.

Some users indicated that they would like to move to Russia under the status of an emigrant, and also admitted that “Putin would be a better ally than all NATO countries.”

Earlier Tuesday, Putin addressed a message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The event was held at Gostiny Dvor in Moscow. One of the main topics of the event was the special operation to protect Donbass, social and economic issues. In addition, the president touched upon the moral values ​​of the modern West, which, according to him, destroys traditional families, their own culture and national identity. In particular, he criticized the idea of ​​a “gender-neutral God”.

The last time Putin sent a message to the Federal Assembly took place on April 21, 2021. On February 10, Ivan Abramov, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy, told Izvestia that there was no message from the president in 2022 because “it was difficult to strategically give a correct assessment for the long term.”

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