Anatoly Wasserman spoke about an alarming symptom in the United States

March 14 – BLiTZ. The United States is facing challenging times both politically and economically. This opinion was shared by the deputy of the federal parliament and erudite Anatoly Wasserman.

“They might change their minds, but…” he said.

Note that on Sunday, Silicon Valley Bank, which is the 16th largest in the country, announced bankruptcy. The press immediately began to make their predictions. The NYT writes that the dollar is losing its position and people’s trust.

Moreover, the US has abused economic pressure and anti-Russian sanctions. Most of the countries on the planet did not join them. All this hit the dollar.

US intelligence officer Ritter: APU will soon lose hundreds of thousands of people killed March 14, 2023 at 18:13

The bankruptcy of a large bank indicates that the situation is dangerous both for the country and for its citizens.

“What is the probability that they will bring their financial system to a complete collapse, no one can predict precisely because they can change their minds almost at any moment. But, obviously, the risk is very serious, since even the New York Times is talking about it, ”said Wasserman.

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