Andrei Konchalovsky found a replacement for Alexander Domogarov

The Moscow City Council Theater hosted the premiere of the play directed by Andrei Konchalovsky “Married Life. Perestroika. Starring Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Yulia Vysotskaya.

The performance tells the story of 20 years of marriage of a married couple. Previously, the production, based on the play Scenes from a Married Life by Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, appeared on the stage of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater. The main male role in the premiere was then played by the People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Domogarov. In the updated version, theater and film actor Alexei Rozin became Yulia Vysotskaya’s partner.

“It so happened that Yulia is already the fourth husband,” jokes the real husband of the actress Andrei Konchalovsky. – We started in Italy, the actors played in Italian. Then they put him in the Gorky Moscow Art Theater, and Alexander Domogarov appeared. Then for some time there was Gosha Kutsenko. But we need stability. It seemed to me that Rozin was well accustomed to my performance based on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. And in this production, he also seemed interesting to me. ”

Vysotskaya introduced the director to Rozin. She prompted her husband to invite him to the role of Petruchio in Shakespeare. In Alexei Rozin, the director saw charm and a certain sentimentality. To the question of Izvestia, is there a chance that the former “husbands” will return to the play, Andrei Sergeevich doubted.

“It does not depend on me, but on the decisions of Domogarov. He left the Moscow City Council Theater and my performances unexpectedly for me. Alexander grew up in this theater in many ways. I gave him several important roles. And he was great in them. And then disappeared from my horizon. I look into the distance until it is visible. And Gosha Kutsenko is so in demand that you have to chase him. Sometimes he endows the theater with his appearance. I can understand that it is difficult for him to find time for work. In this case, Gosha is a certain symbol, a certain character. It’s hard for me to see his future,” Konchalovsky said.

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