Another earthquake hit Tajikistan

New tremors with a magnitude of 5 points were recorded on Thursday, February 23, near Lake Sarez in Tajikistan, informs press service of the Committee for Emergency Situations (CES) of Tajikistan.

“At 13:01 local time (10:01 Moscow time) an earthquake was again registered on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 380 km southeast of the city of Dushanbe, 86 km west of the Murghab region and 45 km east of Lake Sarez. The strength of the tremors in the epicenter was 5 points, in the city of Khorog – 4,” the ministry said in a statement.

According to the country’s CoES, no casualties or damage were recorded.

An earthquake on the border of Tajikistan and China became known earlier in the day. It was noted that the source lies at a depth of 10 km. It is specified that the epicenter of the earthquake was located about 82 km from the Chinese border, the tremors were felt in Kashgar and Xinjiang.

According to the director of the Institute of Earthquake Prediction Theory Petr Shebalin, the earthquake has nothing to do with the earthquake in Turkey.

On February 22, an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 struck Fars province in southern Iran. At the same time, an earthquake of magnitude 5.1 occurred in the south of the country. Its epicenter was located northwest of the city of Bandar Abbas.

At the same time, Yulia Shevnina, an expert in the field of automation and process control of the NTI Competence Center in the direction of “sensorics” on the basis of the National Research University MIET, told Izvestia that the main difficulty in earthquake prediction is not in collecting data on changes in seismic parameters, but in their correct analysis.

On the evening of February 20, earthquakes of magnitude 6.4 and 5.8 occurred in the Turkish province of Hatay, followed by 90 aftershocks. In addition, the highway between the cities of Antakya and Iskenderun collapsed. The seismic event also had an impact on neighboring Syria, where buildings collapsed in two cities and there were injured.

Devastating earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 occurred on February 6 in the Turkish province of Kahramanmarash in the southeast of the country near the Syrian border. According to the latest data, the death toll from the earthquake in Turkey exceeded 43.5 thousand people, and in Syria it increased to 5.8 thousand people.

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