Anti-Semitic Shahidul Alam wrongly puts allegations on Blitz and Israel

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Photographer Shahidul Alam already is known as an anti-Semitic individual and an Israel basher. He has on document claimed ISIS kingpin Abu Bakr al Baghdadi as a creation of “Mossad”. It is also evidently proved; Al Jazeera English service had suggested him in organizing movement involving school children with the goal of getting huge attention of the international community and media. He even was shown the dream of emerging as the “godfather of Bangladeshi journalists” by the Qatar-based broadcast network. What the world is yet to know is – Shahidul Alam is a great liar and a manipulator.

On December 27, 2018, in a popular television talk-show titled “Tritiyo Matra” on a private television network in Bangladesh named Channel-i, a gentleman named Nurul Kabir who is the editor of a newspaper named New Age, referring to Shahidul Alam has claimed, the news about Hizbut Tahrir’s pasting posters in Alam’s favour were “creation of Blitz and Mossad.”

Nurul Kabir said, seeing the news in Blitz about Hizbut Tahrir man being arrested while coordinating campaign in favour of Shahidul Alam, he (Shahidul Alam) on December 15, 2018 had checked the website of the notorious pro-Caliphate jihadist outfit Hizbut Tahrir and found a statement where Hizbut has claimed hands of Blitz and Mossad behind the “publication of the concocted news” on Hizbut Tahrir’s support for Shahidul Alam. But the fact is totally different. As the statement of Hizbut Tahrir was actually published in its website on December 16, 2018, from the self-confession of Shahidul Alam to Nurul Kabir it is proved that it was Alam who had suggested Hizbut Tahrir on December 15, 2018 to publish this false statement, clearly with the agenda of saving the arrested Hizbut Tahrir man.

But, suppressing the content of the statement, a crook Shahidul Alam must have now started bad-mouthing against Blitz and even engaged in his old habit of spreading venom against the Israeli security agency.

Exposing Shahidul Alam:

From the latest activities of Shahidul Alam, it is even becoming evidently clear; he must have been the mastermind behind using Hizbut Tahrir in getting the posters pasted in various parts of Dhaka city and later sending few photographs of the displayed posters to Blitz. As the news was published in Blitz and few more newspapers, on December 17, 2018, Shahidul sent an email to the Blitz editor stating “Since I have never had any links whatsoever with Hizbut Tahrir nor do I welcome their support, and since they have used my photograph without my consent or the consent of my representatives, I would like to take legal steps against the organisation. In this regard, I would be most grateful if you could provide the date, time and exact location of where the photographs were taken.”

On December 18, 2018, Blitz editor sent an email to Shahidul Alam giving replies to his question. Minutes later, Alam in his reply wrote, “Thank you for your prompt response.”

Subsequently, Shahidul Alam had sent few more emails, all of which were related to the photographs used in the Blitz news. But he has never sent any rejoinder nor has even objected to publication of the news item.

The above mentioned news item titled – Al Qaeda Man Held in Bangladesh While Coordinating Campaign in Favor of Photographer Shahidul Alam, contains nothing concocted or fabricated.

On the other hand, Shahidul Alam did not object to this news or send any rejoinder to this newspaper. Instead, he is using individuals like Nurul Kabir, who are clearly having agenda of spreading lies against Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, who is an internationally acclaimed anti-militancy journalist and editor of this newspaper.

It is clearly understood by this newspaper, a gang of pro-jihadist and anti-Semitic individuals are engaged in spreading lies against Blitz and its editor with the ulterior agenda of appeasing their Islamist masters.

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