Apa-Canal concluded agreements with Premier Energy and MoldovaGaz for the restitution of debts. The term expires this year


Currently, the debts of the operator of water and sewage services, Apa-Canal Chisinau, amount to 141.1 million lei. Of this amount, the accumulated debt for electricity consumption is – 64.1 million lei, for natural gas – 37 million lei, and other operational debts amount to 32.7 million lei.

Vice-mayor Irina Gutnic states that the operator has made several collections for the payment of debts. Thus, the compensations for the thermal agent of 3.9 million lei were transferred from the Ministry of Labor, which will be directed to pay off the debt to MoldovaGaz. Likewise, the proceeds from Termoelectrica of 1.2 million lei will be directed to pay off the electricity debt.

“The operator reached an agreement with Premier Energy regarding the debt, which at the beginning of the year was 68 million lei. The debt was staggered until December 1, 2023. The agreement assumes that the monthly operator will close the invoice and pay from the disbursements to come from the EBRD and the EIB – around 40 million lei and another 24 million of this debt will be closed by their own forces”, said Gutnic.

And regarding the debt on natural gas, Apa-Canal agreed with MoldovaGaz and obtained a payment respite until October 1, 2023. The agreement requires the daily payment of 300 thousand lei so that on October 1 the debt is extinguished.

We mention that according to the report presented by Gutnic, in the first quarter of 2023, Apa-Canal invoiced financial means in the amount of 243.1 million lei, and the receipts amount to 211.6 million lei. More precisely, the revenues from the sale of the water supply and sewage service are 182 million lei, thermal energy sales – 47.7 million lei, amounts from the application of payments for exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations – 9.4 million lei, other services – 3.4 million lei.

Gutnic claims that the estimated receipts in 2023 for the water and sewage service are about 800 million lei from the sale of this service, and the estimated expenses are about 1.2 billion lei.

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