Apple will increase the amount of RAM in the iPhone 15 line of smartphones

Apple in the new line of iPhone 15 smartphones will increase the amount of RAM and improve specifications, the portal reported. WCCFTech citing a February 20 report by Trend Force analysts.

It is expected that Apple will equip the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max with 8 GB of RAM instead of 6 GB, and will also switch from the LPDDR5 standard to the modern LPDDR5X. Thus, the memory will not only be more, but it will be faster, which will positively affect the operation of the entire system and applications.

It is noted that Trend Force experts do not provide accurate data on improvements in the RAM of future smartphones. At the same time, they added that the changes will affect only the flagship models, while the licensed iPhone 15 and 5 Plus will retain their previous characteristics.

On February 17, it was reported that images of the iPhone 15 Pro, based on drawings, appeared on the Internet. According to the leaked data, the company will return to using the USB-C port instead of Lightning. Another significant change will be the curvature of the edges of the glass and metal frame, which will create a smoother transition.

Earlier, on February 16, it became known that Apple added swipe typing support to the Russian keyboard on iPhone smartphones. Now Russian-speaking smartphone users will be able to type text using gestures by swiping their fingers across the keyboard. It is noted that at the moment the function is available in the beta version of iOS 16.4. You can install it yourself.

Before that, on January 12, it was reported that Apple was developing its first MacBook with a touch display, although previously such technology was considered “ergonomically terrible” and did not fit well with the company’s laptops.

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